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Christian Wood’s Signing A Domino Effect Of Anthony Davis’ Demands With Lakers?

The Los Angeles Lakers could also end up not making the postseason last time. They did not make the postseason in the 2021-22 season. Anthony Davis led the side to the playoffs in the previous season. He has been the anchor of the Laker’s defense, but AD also spearheaded the attack of the LA side. However, everybody knows how injury-prone Anthony Davis can be. The eight-time All-Star has not been able to play more than 75 games a season in his career so far. He is among the most injury-prone players in the league.

Moreover, Anthony Davis suffered a stress injury last season in December and missed as many as twenty games on the trot. Moreover, Anthony Davis clearly feels that he needs help in the position of the center. That’s what Anthony Davis told the front office. Moreover, the Lakers have been looking for such players because AD asked to. That’s how much the Lakers value his word, and it will help Anthony Davis play more games than in previous seasons.


NBA Reporter Suggests Anthony Davis Is The Reason Why Lakers Signed Christian Wood And Jaxson Hayes

Rob Pelinka Anthony Davis Lakers
Rob Pelinka Anthony Davis Lakers Source: Sports Illustrated

According to Dave McMenamin of ESPN, the Lakers have been looking for players who could play alongside Anthony Davis at center after the advice came from AD himself. Moreover, the ESPN reporter believes that players like Christian Wood and Jaxson Hayes can help Anthony Davis play in the way he desires to play the game. On top of that, AD can play more minutes at the four instead of where he played last season, at the five.

But Anthony Davis envisioned to play at the four since he joined the Lakers in 2019. As per the available data, the eight-time All-Star played 99% at the five last season. But Anthony Davis has always said, “I love my time with the Lakers franchise.” Hence, he sure needs the players and the position where he desires to play if he has to lead the side in the presence of LeBron James or even in the post-James era. That’s why Dave McMenamin suggests the eight-time All-Star asked the Lakers to help him at the five.

The Difference Between Healthy AD And The Stressed AD

Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis Lakers Source: MARCA

Due to AD’s weak health, the whole team had to suffer. He has been inconsistent and let the team down at times, especially in the Western Conference Finals. Anthony Davis failed to guard Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray. Later, this duo of Denver Nuggets tore the LA Lakers apart in the WCF. However, the Lakers front office still depend on Anthony Davis to get them another title.

When AD joined the Lakers in 2019, he formed a strong duo with LeBron James. Later, the James-Davis duo led the Lakers to win the 2019-20 season. It was the 17th title for the Los Angeles side. But the difference between that championship-winning team and the last season’s team is that depth and support for AD were there in the 2020 bunch.