Red Bull Max Verstappen Christian Horner
Red Bull Max Verstappen Christian Horner Source: PlanetF1

Fans might wonder what’s the difference between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. The former ruled the F1 grid for seven years, and the latter is the current ruler. Who knows how many championships Max can end up winning in his career? But the way things are going, it seems the Dutchman can reach the height of some gigantic proportions. However, Hamilton can’t really do much about it until Mercedes provides him with a car that’s worthy to win races and even another championship. But Hamilton is already 38, so the question is how long he needs to wait to get to the coveted eighth title.

However, he has an undeniable hunger and determination to win. So does Max Verstappen, as per the Red Bull boss. According to Christian Horner, Max Verstappen has an inner hunger and determination to race either online or at the GPs. Horner added that Verstappen does not want to leave anything on the table. That’s where the Red Bull boss found similarities between Max and other F1 greats, including Hamilton.


Christian Horner Compares Max Verstappen’s Mentality With That Of F1 Greats, Including Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton Max Verstappen
Lewis Hamilton Max Verstappen Source: PlanetF1

Christian Horner believes that all the greats had a huge hunger and determination to be the best and remain the best. But one thing Horner said about Verstappen is that he does not chase records or statistics. Albeit, Max Verstappen knows more about the stats than he shows. Moreover, the Red Bull boss mentioned in any sport, the greats always had a burning desire to compete and win. To name a few, Horner talked about Ayrton Senna, Jim Clarkson, Juan Manuel Fangio, and also Red Bull’s first champion driver, Sebastian Vettel.

Horner had seen Vettel winning the championship four years in a row, and that’s what he expects Max Verstappen to do. Perhaps Max can do a lot better. But Horner said all these drivers have one thing in common: they had an inner drive and inner belief and would never want to leave anything on the table. Moreover, Horner said, Max Verstappen is an out-and-out racer. Be it virtual racing or GP racing, Max is always passionate about winning.

Can The Dutchman Win As Many GPs As Hamilton Or Maybe More?

Max Verstappen Lewis Hamilton
Max Verstappen Lewis Hamilton Source: Franceinfo

Last season, Max Verstappen broke the record for most wins in a season. This season, he broke his own record of last year. It is a sign of a true champion as one knows how to keep getting better even when they are winning. Sir Lewis Hamilton used to do the same thing when he enjoyed hegemony in the grid. The great Briton is the only F1 driver to win more than 100 races. Can Max Verstappen go past Hamilton? The present scenario certainly suggests he can.

But what does the present status tell the fans about Lewis Hamilton? He’s 38 years old and way over his prime. The seven-time champion is struggling to end his losing streak. Moreover, the last time he stood on the top of the podium was back in the 2021 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. Prior to 2022, Hamilton never had a winless season. But it seems like he is about to have a back-to-back winless season.