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Christian Horner Blames Media For Wrongfully Pressurizing Sergio Perez Amid Poor Form

Red Bull boss Christian Horner wants both of his drivers, Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen, to do well. He is trying to be a good team principal. But the chief cannot deny the greatness of the Dutchman. He knows that Max is on another level. Verstappen has won ten out of 12 races so far. His win percentage is absolutely magnificent. Last year, he won the title, winning 15 races. It was a record in itself. But he can break that record as there are ten more races to go.

On the other hand, Max’s teammate, Sergio Perez, is struggling with consistency. The second Red Bull driver won a couple last year and won a couple this year despite driving the fastest car on the grid. Where Max Verstappen is breaking records of win percentages, Checo can barely maintain his grip on the title. Recently in an interview with ESPN Unlapped, the Red Bull boss slammed the media for increasing pressure on Perez.


Christian Horner Slams The Media To Make Things More Difficult For Checo

Sergio Perez Christian Horner Red Bull
Sergio Perez Christian Horner Red Bull Source: PlanetF1

According to Christian Horner, Checo can see the data to check out the gap between him and his teammate. But then the media keeps briefing Sergio Perez on how much the gap is increasing every race. Moreover, it bothers Sergio Perez when the media asks him, “Why ain’t you at your teammate’s level?” In reply, Horner mentioned no driver on the grid is on Max’s level at present. Hence, it does not make any sense to single out Checo and add pressure on him.

Moreover, Christian Horner added that the media should have been more considerate toward Sergio Perez. It is not easy to have a teammate like Max Verstappen in any motorsport. Anyway, it is very challenging for Checo to be consistent. He also pointed out that he had trouble understanding the car last year. But after he won the two races early this season, he mentioned that he had a better understanding of the car this year. However, soon enough, it was not helping Sergio Perez as much as he would hope. Eventually, he has not been able to beat his teammate for eight races straight. 

Sergio Perez Lost His Consistency Since The Monaco Grand Prix

Sergio Perez Red Bull
Sergio Perez Red Bull Source: PlanetF1

When the season started, Sergio Perez won a couple of races, challenging his teammate to snatch away the title from him. Moreover, Sergio Perez showed his expertise in the sprint races such as Azerbaijan Grand Prix. He became the only driver to win a couple of races in Baku, Azerbaijan. The Red Bull team, along with the fans, thought he would do well in Monaco Grand Prix. But he failed miserably.

Since then, he lost consistency, and it all came down to Max Verstappen to win both constructor and driver’s titles. Many fans feel that when one driver is winning 15 races himself, what is the point of paying or even having another driver who is barely winning a couple of races? Teams like Mercedes, where the team gets contributions from both drivers to keep standing at second place in the constructor title. But Red Bull is currently winning only via Max Verstappen’s brilliance.