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Clarke Schmidt showers Rizzo with sunflower seeds in the dugout. Twitter NYY

In a mega 30-run dominant series win, the New York Yankees struck Milwaukee Brewers with two back-to-back 15-run games. The offense didn’t perform well against Oakland Athletics. Captain Aaron Judge, especially, broke out of his slump to slam a home run in two consecutive games.

That being said, alongside Aaron Judge, his best friend teammate Anthony Rizzo also hammered a two run moonshot to bring up his career mega milestone. And interestingly, his Yankee teammates, Aaron Judge and Gerrit Cole took to their respective social media handles to celebrate the achievement with humorous quirk.


Gerrit Cole Takes Credit For Anthony Rizzo’s 300-Career Home Run Milestone!

Gerrit Cole, Yankees
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In a dominant 30-run series, the New York Yankees defeated the Milwaukee Brewers to take home a 2-1 series victory. While the entire hitting lineup stepped up, first baseman Anthony Rizzo had a special week as he unlocked a mega career milestone. Rizzo slammed a two-run moonshot on Sunday’s series finale, which also happened to be his career 300th home run. He’s one among 161 players in MLB’s history to do so. Indeed, Rizzo’s journey to 300 home runs has been marked by hard work, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. From his early days with the Chicago Cubs to his current stint with the Yanks, Rizzo has established himself as one of the premier power hitters in the game.

That being said, for Anthony Rizzo’s teammates, witnessing him reach the 300-home run mark was a moment of pride and joy. His teammate Gerrit Cole watched his brilliance on the sidelines as he’s currently reeling under an elbow nerve inflammation injury. But he took to his social media to congratulate the infielder while simultaneously taking credit for the historic milestone. Cole said that if it wasn’t for him, Rizzo would still be on his 299th career home run tally. For those unversed, the ace pitcher was referring to the two-run homer he allowed to Rizzo whilst he was pitching for the Astros, and Rizzo faced him as a Cubs hitter. Technically, if Cole hadn’t allowed that long hit in 2019, Anthony Rizzo would still be on 299th career tally. Notably, Rizzo ended up winning AL Player of the Week for his successful away road trip.

Yankees Captain Celebrates Rizzo’s Mega Career Milestone!

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With Anthony Rizzo making history against the Brewers last week, his Yankees captain and best pal Aaron Judge didn’t miss the chance to celebrate the infielder. As Rizzo smoked his career 300th home run on Sunday, Judge took to his Instagram to share pictures of Rizzo and captioned them with fire emojis to reflect on Rizzo’s prodigious power.

Aaron Judge’s message was met with enthusiasm and support from Yankees fans, who joined him in congratulating Rizzo on his milestone. The camaraderie and team spirit displayed by Judge and his teammates reflect the strong bond that exists within the Yankees organization. As the Yanks continue their pursuit of success on the field, Judge’s leadership and support for his teammates like Rizzo serve as a source of inspiration and motivation for the entire team.

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