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CHECKOUT: Yankees-Padres To Re-Engage On Juan Soto Blockbuster Trade Talks After Initial Stalemate!

On Monday, the winter meeting will officially go on floors, and the New York Yankees are likely to make swift moves. Ahead of the winter huddle, the front office secured OF Oscar Gonzalez off waivers. Besides, several Top 30 prospects were protected from the Rule 5 draft. Having said that, the Bombers seem more focused on pulling off a blockbuster trade.

The New York Yankees are heavily invested in San Diego Padres’ generational superstar Juan Soto. The left fielder is estimated to earn $30 million in his final year, which is too steep for the Padres, who are undergoing a financial crisis. However, the trade talks were stalled last week after the Padres put forth an unrealistic on the table.


Yankees Put Off By Padres’ Steep Ask In Juan Soto’s Trade Negotiation!

AJ Preller
SAN DIEGO, CA – MARCH 30: San Diego Padres general Manager A.J. Preller looks during batting practice on opening day of the 2023 Major League Baseball season March 30, 2023 at Petco Park in San Diego, California. The San Diego Padres face the Colorado Rockies. (Photo by Denis Poroy/Getty Images)

The New York Yankees, traditionally known for their powerful lineups, experienced offensive struggles during the previous season. The potential acquisition of Juan Soto could provide the Yankees with a much-needed offensive spark, injecting new life into their batting order. Soto’s ability to hit for average and power could complement the existing talent in the Yanks’ lineup, creating a formidable offensive juggernaut. However, the trade negotiations haven’t come through. As per The Athletic’s Brendan Kuty, the trade talks reached a stalemate after San Diego Padres demanded not only two but as many as seven players in exchange. Needless to say, the Bombers deemed it a ridiculous ask.

However, despite initial hesitant, the Yankees and Padres are expected to re-engage again on Monday, reports Brendan Kuty. “While the sides seem to have cooled down their once-hot discussions, they’re bound to heat back up as the Winter Meetings begin Monday,” says Kuty. The insider added that general managers of both parties, Brian Cashman and AJ Preller, will hold talks next week and could reach a consensus soon. However, nothing is certain for sure. Juan Soto is a prized possession of the Padres. Giving him away is equivalent to throwing away the world championship. Thus, San Diego is keen on fetching an equal value if Soto were to put on a trade block. Nonetheless, the next week will provide a clearer picture to the fans as anticipation remains at its peak.

Yanks Refuses To Offer Pitching Prospects To Padres!

Credit: Robert Sabo for NY Post

The key aspect that basically fueled the stalemate between the two teams was the San Diego Padres’ steep ask. Apparently, the Padres demanded six players, which led to a dissent amongst the Yankee group. Those six players involved pitcher Michael King and prospect Drew Thorpe. However, the Bronx Bombers remain firm on their stance to not part with these two arms. The front office just does not see it as worth enough for a player with a one-year maximum guarantee.

Additionally, Anthony Volpe’s name is yet to come up in trade negotiations. Even if it does come up in the subsequent week, the Yankees will strongly oppose his inclusion in the trade package. The franchise has invested a lot into the rookie, and he remains a key figure in their future plans. Thus, the likes of Volpe and Jasson Dominguez would not remain a topic of discussion henceforth.