The New York Yankees off-season began a little early this year. After a forgetful regular season, the team stood out of the playoff race and thus packed their bags in September itself. Since then, the players and front office took some time off before returning back to business. The front office, particularly, has been hyperactive this off-season.

Brian Cashman and co. made multiple moves to bolster the roster for the 2024 season. However, the most significant one was the acquisition of Juan Soto. Having said that, while the Yankees leadership has been scratching heads over the 2024 season anticipation, the players are making the most of the holiday season before returning back to the grind.


Yankees Fans Cannot Stop Adoring Aaron Judge & Anthony Rizzo’s Fresh Bromance Moment!

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To those unversed, New York Yankee star sluggers Aaron Judge and Anthony Rizzo have formed a strong bond of friendship that extends beyond the field of baseball. When Judge explored free agency last year, Rizzo also refused to sign an extension contract with the Bombers until Judge returned. He said that he cannot imagine himself playing for a team that Judge is not a part of. Additionally, the Yankee captain revealed how the first baseman was one of the many people who influenced his decision to sign a nine-year $360 million extension contract last off-season. Needless to say, the duo is extremely fond of each other’s company, which has, in turn, proved to be beneficial for the Yankees.

Meanwhile, this off-season, Aaron Judge and Anthony Rizzo are enjoying the holidays together. The inseparable duo were recently spotted at the NHL game between the New York Rangers and Anaheim Ducks, wherein the Yankee duo donned the Rangers jersey in support of the local team. Earlier this month, the Rizzo and Judge also attended a Rangers game at Madison Square Garden. Meanwhile, the fans couldn’t stop gushing over the fresh bromance episode. Their off-field connection is evident in interviews and social media posts, showcasing a camaraderie that extends beyond the ballpark. For Yankee fans, witnessing the continuation of this special bond is a silver lining for the 2023 lost season. Hopefully, the unbreakable bond results in on-field success for the Yankees.

Anthony Rizzo Trains With Aaron Judge’s Personal Hitting Coach!

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Meanwhile, Anthony Rizzo is looking to bounce back from an underwhelming season that saw him getting shut down due to a concussion injury. While the Yankees baseman played through the setback for two months, the aggravations of symptoms forced immediate action. Nonetheless, ahead of the crucial 2024 season, Rizzo seems completely fine, as previously confirmed by his manager.

In a video doing rounds of social media, Anthony Rizzo was seen practicing with Aaron Judge’s personal hitting coach. The coach and Rizzo remained engaged in an animated conversation wherein the former advised the latter over his stance. It remains unclear as to what extent Rizzo is involved with Judge’s coach. But one thing is certain: the help would only elevate Rizzo’s gameplay in the coming years.