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The New York Yankees did not have Anthony Rizzo in their lineup when they beat the Los Angeles Dodgers in Game 3. It was a disappointing series for the NY side as they lost their winning momentum against the visitors last weekend. They were enjoying an eight-game winning streak before they faced off against the LA side. Moreover, these visitors had not played at Yankee Stadium for the last eight years. Hence, it was going to be an interesting clash between the table toppers of American League East and National League West. But as it turned out, the Yankees missed an important player throughout the three-game series. It was Juan Soto.

The Dominican superstar had a forearm discomfort in the third game against the Minnesota Twins. Later, it turned out to be an inflammation, as Aaron Boone informed the media. But the skipper hinted that he might eventually play at least one game against the Dodgers. However, the Dominican slugger did not play any of the games in the Yankees-Dodgers series. His absence really weakened the offense, and eventually, the visitors won 2-1. The home team prevented a sweep, winning Game 3. Other than Soto, there was one more player missing from the batting order, Anthony Rizzo.


Why Didn’t Anthony Rizzo Play On Sunday?

Anthony Rizzo Yankees Aaron Boone
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On Sunday, the Yankees were able to beat the LA Dodgers, even without Juan Soto in the batting order at the Yankee Stadium. Besides the Dominican superstar, one more common name in the hitting order, Anthony Rizzo, didn’t play in Game 3. Fans might wonder why. Generally, they might think the worst. Perhaps the Yankees hinted at gradually slumping the use of the All-Star slugger. On Monday, the Bronx Bombers will play against the Kansas City Royals. There is a good chance that Anthony Rizzo might remain out on Monday as well. On Sunday, Aaron Boone said during a pre-game press conference that it felt like the right time to give Rizzo the day off.



At first base, DJ LeMahieu replaced Anthony Rizzo. On ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball, the veteran infielder batted seventh in the rotation of the NY side. The regular first baseman of the Yankees has been slashing .224/.285/.624 with 25 RBIs this season. He has hit seven home runs as well. But it is quite clear that Rizzo’s prime is long gone. He is 34 years old, and the ongoing season has just been showing what the fans and the team were afraid about. After the Dodgers series, the Yankees will play a four-game series against the Royals. Perhaps Boone will keep him out for a few more games.

The Three-Time All-Star Has Been Struggling Hard

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Anthony Rizzo is still a fan favorite at 34. But it seems as if his 13-year-long and illustrious career is about to come to an end. Since the ongoing season reached June, the three-time All-Star has been seeing a slump in his performance. Rizzo’s OPS has been a paltry .365 since May 15. In June, Anthony has been 1 for 29 with no RBIs. Moreover, in the past 25 games, he has hit only one home run.


Nonetheless, it is understandable why Aaron Boone has been sticking with the four-time Gold Glove winner. Rizzo has veteran leadership skills as well as he has been consistent with his fielding ability. Moreover, Boone has used him as the lefty hitter to break the lineup up. However, for the first time since 2011, Anthony Rizzo is a net negative both defensively and offensively. He has -0.4 oWAR and dWAR.

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