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The New York Yankees had a great start to the 2024 season. After 30 games in the regular season, the NY side has lost only one three-game series and had one tied four-game series. So far, they have managed to win a lot of series. The credit for the win goes to the offense, but the pitchers have done their job more or less well. Despite the team playing without their ace pitcher, the available hurlers have managed well. But the offense, which is just full of stars, has been a bit inconsistent. On their good days, they have performed exceedingly well. But on their bad days, they have been really disappointing and “Frustrating” for themselves.

For instance, the last series against the Milwaukee Brewers saw the Yankee’s offense explode, scoring 15 runs in consecutive games. When the NY side fires on all cylinders, they can beat any team in the world. The Brewers are the number one team of the NL Central. However, the biggest challenge for the Bronx Bombers will be the Baltimore Orioles, as anticipated. Lately, the NY side has lost Game 1 of a four-game series against their AL East rivals. Aaron Boone was not at all happy with the offense after the game.


Yankees Manager Believes, “It Was One Of Those Frustrating Nights”

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The pitchers did a good job against the Baltimore Orioles, letting them score only two runs. However, the star-studded offense did not fire at all. Due to the misfiring offense, the Bronx Bombers allowed their AL East rivals an easy win in Game 1 on Monday. However, the Boston Red Sox are doing well, as they are third in the American League East division. In the sport’s history, there’s no bigger rivalry than the Yankees-Red Sox. But looking at the current scenario, as the Yankees are the number one contender to win the AL East, the Orioles are their biggest threat or obstacle in their way.

After beating Boone’s side on Monday, the Baltimore side jumped to the number one spot in their division, pushing the NY side down to 2nd spot. In the post-game interview, Aaron Boone mentioned, as per YES Network, that it was one of those frustrating nights. It is even more disappointing because they put together “Some good at-bats.” However, the offense was not able to break through. Due to the inconsistency of the Judge-Soto duo, as well as the other hitters, the Yankees faced a shutout defeat against the Orioles in Baltimore. 

Aaron Boone Acknowledged Orioles Good Start To The Ongoing Season

Aaron Boone Yankees
Aaron Boone Yankees Source: Sports Illustrated

Albeit the Yankees are one of the favorites to win the World Series this year, the Orioles are still arguably the favorites to win the AL East. Last year, the Baltimore side had the best regular season record in their franchise history. The Orioles had a 101-61 record.

Hence, they must be really confident to keep up the momentum. After losing the series opener against the Orioles, Aaron Boone mentioned the Baltimore side is definitely “Formidable,” as per Gary Phillips. To face the threat of the Orioles, the Yankees offense must look to get more consistent over the course of the 2024 season.

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