Aaron Judge

In the fast-paced world of sports, where athletes strive for greatness on and off the field, a new chapter unfolds for New York Yankees’ star Aaron Judge. Beyond his impressive feats on the baseball diamond, Judge has now teamed up with PRIME Hydration, a company founded by popular internet personalities KSI and Logan Paul. This partnership signifies a blending of sports and entertainment as Judge joins forces with a brand known for its innovative approach to hydration. As fans eagerly await the upcoming season, Judge’s collaboration with PRIME Hydration promises excitement and new possibilities in the world of sports sponsorship.

Emerging as a New Star in the Entertainment World

The announcement of Aaron Judge’s partnership with PRIME Hydration marks a significant milestone in the athlete’s journey. PRIME Hydration, a brainchild of internet sensations KSI and Logan Paul, has rapidly ascended the ranks since its inception in 2022. With an impressive portfolio boasting partnerships with prestigious teams such as the Los Angeles Dodgers, Arsenal FC, Bayern Munich, and FC Barcelona (as reported by Forbes), PRIME Hydration has solidified its reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the industry. Moreover, the brand’s strategic collaborations with renowned athletes like Patrick Mahomes, Israel Adesanya, and Erling Haaland have further enhanced its credibility and appeal.


Aaron Judge’s enthusiasm about the partnership was palpable as he expressed his admiration for Logan Paul and KSI, the masterminds behind PRIME Hydration. “It’s such an honor to team up with legends like Logan Paul and KSI,” said Judge in a statement to TMZ Sports. He emphasized his long-standing reliance on PRIME Hydration for both fuel and recovery, citing its role in optimizing his performance on the field. With the official announcement of his affiliation with PRIME Hydration, Judge is poised to embark on the upcoming season with renewed vigor, promising fans an electrifying performance with PRIME by his side.

At 31 years old, Aaron Judge has etched his name in the annals of baseball history. With five All-Star nods and an American League MVP award in 2022, Judge’s accolades speak volumes about his prowess and dedication to the sport. Throughout his illustrious career, he has maintained an impressive batting average of .281, coupled with an astounding 258 home runs and 576 RBIs in 842 games. Beyond his on-field achievements, Judge’s partnership with PRIME Hydration signifies his influence beyond the realm of sports—a testament to his status as a cultural icon.

Words of Admiration For Yankees’ Cap

The brains behind PRIME Hydration, Logan Paul and KSI, were effusive in their praise for Aaron Judge’s remarkable career trajectory. “Aaron Judge is nothing short of a professional baseball icon and legend,” they declared in a statement to TMZ Sports. They expressed their admiration for Judge’s unwavering commitment to excellence and emphasized their delight in partnering with such a distinguished athlete. The convergence of Judge’s stellar career and PRIME Hydration’s innovative approach to hydration underscores the symbiotic relationship between sports and entertainment.

Aaron Judge
Yankees/Aaron Judge

As the New York Yankees charge into the new season with a stellar 6-1 record in their first seven games, Aaron Judge’s star continues to ascend both on and off the field. With PRIME Hydration as his trusted ally, Judge is poised to elevate his game to unprecedented heights, captivating fans with his unmatched talent and unwavering dedication. As spectators eagerly anticipate the unfolding of the new season, one thing is certain—Aaron Judge’s partnership with PRIME Hydration heralds a new era of collaboration between sports and entertainment, promising excitement and innovation in equal measure.