Aaron Judge Samantha Bracksieck
Aaron Judge Samantha Bracksieck Source: POPSUGAR

Aaron Judge is the latest recepient of the Roberto Clemente Award for his services to society. He is one of the best players in the league right now. But he keeps on proving that he is a great human being as well. Moreover, the foundation of the New York Yankees captain, All Rise, aims at inspiring young children to become responsible citizens. The All Rise Foundation engages young children in activities that motivate them to reach for the unlimited possibilities in life. With this foundation, the American League Most Valued Player of 2022 helped several kids already.

No wonder he won the Roberto Clemente Award last year. This award is a symbol of acknowledging greatness on and off the field. But it is not just Aaron Judge as his wife, Samantha Bracksieck, and his parents, Patty and Wayne Judge, support the work All Rise as a foundation does. Moreover, the Yankees star couple are well known for doing good work for society. Lately, Aaron Judge and Samantha inaugurated a sensory room for guests with sensory processing needs at Madison Square Garden. 


Why Did Aaron Judge And Samantha Launch Sensory Room For Fans?

Aaron Judge Samantha Bracksieck
Aaron Judge Samantha Bracksieck Source: The US Sun

The Yankees star couple always seems ready to help society in any way they can. Kulture City is the partner in this latest initiative of launching a sensory room at Madison Square Garden. Samantha serves as the board member for the sensory room. This room in Madison Square Garden is in line with other sensory rooms at Sphere and Radio City Music Hall. These rooms are part of the MSG Family of Companies. In the Garden, at the suite level of the ninth floor, they have situated “The Aaron & Samantha Judge Sensory Room.” This room provides the guests with adjustable lighting, an inclusive space, comfortable seating as well as calming visuals.

On the Instagram page of “The Garden,” Samantha mentioned she felt every space should have sensory inclusiveness to welcome families and make them feel safe. These rooms will give families a feeling of a safe place where they can go. Moreover, Samantha added that families who are usually a bit apprehensive to go out maybe can have those experiences to share it with each other. All the young kids and young adults out there can come and enjoy this space, feels Samantha. Finally, the wife of the Yankees captain and Aaron, himself, mentioned it is about creating memories, “Like we have.” Coming back to baseball on-field performances, the Yankees just hope to see their captain get back to his groove.

Yankees Manager Is Optimistic About The Captain Returning To Form Soon

Boone is in his sixth season as Yankees manager. Robert Sabo for NY Post

Lately, Aaron Boone addressed the question of Aaron Judge’s slow start to the 2024 season. The Yankees manager mentioned that hitting is not the same every year. He added, “It’s a fickle slightly every year,” and this happens with great players like Aaron Judge and those guys who are trying to get back to the lineup. Sometimes it takes a while, and sometimes it just clicks right away from the spring training.

Boone explained that there’s generally no reason for it. There might be something to it, but not necessarily. Anyway, the skipper said it would not have surprised him if Aaron Judge hit his first home run of the ongoing season on Opening Day. Moreover, Boone feels Judge’s at-bats have been really good, and there’s nothing really to worry about the AL 2022 MVP.

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