Aaron Judge, Yankees
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Aaron Judge has always been a calm figure in the clubhouse of the New York Yankees. But that does not mean failures have eluded him. Chances of losing his cool have been there plenty of times. However, it is not just when the team loses but also for the unfair calls when the umpires called it strikeouts against the 2022 AL MVP. The umps need to understand that the captain of the Bronx Bombers has a unique height and shape. As a result, strike zones for him would differ from other sluggers. Moreover, injuries have never eluded Aaron Judge, either. Like last year, he suffered a terrible toe injury after a freak accident at the Los Angeles Dodgers fence.

Later, the team revealed that the Yankees captain had suffered a torn ligament in his toe, which would keep him out for 35 games on the trot. Even in spring training this year, Judge missed a few games owing to an abs injury. Last year, the NY side failed to make the postseason for the first time since 2016. Hence, there have been a lot of reasons why the 2022 AL MVP could lose his cool. But he never did. Lately, one of his teammates revealed when he saw Judge’s angry side.


When Aaron Judge Got Angry?

Aaron Judge, Yankees
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Recently, in an interview with Foul Territory TV, the Yankees bullpen arm Tommy Kahnle talked about how long he knew the team’s captain. Moreover, the pitcher shared an intriguing tidbit about the 2022 AL MVP. The year was 2014, and Judge was playing in the minor leagues. Nobody really knew who he was. Back in those days, Kahnle bonded with the California native even before meeting him over video games. The Yankees hurler said they used to play a game called Destiny. Both Judge and Kahnle had a common friend so that helped them link up. Hence, they played that game together. Kahnle says it was when he joined the Bronx Bombers via trade, that’s when he actually met Judge for the first time. But both these guys knew each other for a few years prior to that just playing video games. Later, Tommy Kahnle revealed when he saw the angry side of Aaron Judge.



He said when they used to play FIFA, a famous football video game, Judge would get really angry. Even then, Kahnle said Judge was never the guy who would throw the controller in anger. Moreover, the Yankees bullpen arm clarifies that the 2022 AL MVP has been the same guy he was back in 2014. But in 2024, the Yankees captain got ejected for the first time in his career in a game against the Detroit Tigers. It was when the home plate umpire Ryan Blakney gave a close strikeout call that Aaron Judge may have murmured something at the ump. Blakney immediately ejected Judge. Anyway, the Yankees managed to win 5-3 in that game.

Yankees Teammates Choose The Captain And The Ace Pitcher As Their Emergency Contacts

Credit: NYY Facebook

Recently, the social media team of the New York Yankees conducted a fun session with the players. They asked them individually – “Who would you pick as your emergency contact?” Most of them chose Aaron Judge, and the rest chose Gerrit Cole. People who chose Judge explained that the captain knows the city really well.

Hence, he would be the ideal choice for the emergency contact. But when it came to Aaron Judge, he chose Anthony Rizzo. The Judge-Rizzo friendship began when the first baseman joined the team in 2021. Moreover, Rizzo even tried to convince Judge to stay with the Yankees in 2022 with the help of his fur babies. 

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