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Brian Cashman Yankees GM Source: Fox News

The New York Yankees had the same general manager since 1998. It has been none other than Brian Cashman. Since his tenure began, the NY side has been through some good times and some really tough times. The last time the Bronx Bombers won a World Series was back in 2009, with Derek Jeter as the captain. But it is 2024, and the fans are still waiting for their next World Series title. Nobody knows for sure if this year would be different. If 2024 will see the Yankees become the World champions again. It has been too long that the Yankees Faithful has been waiting for. But for all good and bad reasons, the fans always blame the general manager.

However, this offseason, Brian Cashman made some seriously good moves. He was able to land Juan Soto for a year which helped boost their offense and outfield a lot. Albeit, it looks like Soto won’t wait in the Bronx for his second season with the franchise. But the credit should go to Cashman for sealing the one-year deal. Anyhow, it has been a very tough time for the franchise since last season was such a disaster. Moreover, Brian Cashman lost his cool at one point during the winter meetings. Recently, a long-time Yankees commentator criticized the GM for losing his cool.


Michael Kay Criticizes Brian Cashman For How He Addressed The Media During The Winter Meetings

Brian Cashman
Brian Cashman gestures while speaking on Wednesday, Aug. 23, 2023 in New York. (AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)

The Long-time Yankees broadcaster knows how much pressure the GM faces every day. There is a set of fans in New York who despises Cashman. They hate every move he makes. Moreover, they blame Cashman for everything that goes wrong. Hence, Michael Kay understands why Brian Cashman can feel some frustration. But the last time Kay appeared on the Foul Territory podcast, he said the New York Media in general treated Cashman fairly and very well. Hence, Kay is not sure who the GM was addressing when he lost his cool.

During the winter meetings, Kay feels Cashman did not treat the media in the most befitting way possible. But Michael Kay believes Cashman has earned the respect of the media over the years. Adding to that, Kay said he is a Hall Of Fame GM because he has done an unbelievable job for so many years. Hence, Kay thinks Cashman must have been angry at those fans who just despise him no matter what. The Yankees GM mentioned it was not right to focus the blame game on the same group of people responsible for this franchise’s success. 

Recapping What The Yankees GM Said During The Winter Meetings

Brian Cashman Yankees
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There was a lot of talk about a weak analytics department in the organization. That’s what Cashman addressed when he said it has been the same group of people over the years. These same people have been responsible for the success the franchise saw last time. But just because the 2023 season went south, fans have been focusing on those same people for the blame game. Clearly, Brian Cashman did not like all the heat they were getting.

He believes last year, they took a dip, and it happened for the first time in a long time. Cashman said, “It happens.” Lately, the front office made some really good moves in the offseason. After bringing Juan Soto and Marcus Stroman, the rotation looks solid. But if they can get one dependable pitcher, the fans won’t have any reason to blame the GM or his front office.

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