Carlos Rodon Yankees
Carlos Rodon Yankees Source: NBC Sports

The New York Yankees had high hopes for Carlos Rodon last season. They signed him last winter for a pretty big deal. But the 2023 season was awful for Rodon and the team in general. Moreover, injuries did not help them either. The Bronx Bombers had a pretty long Injured List throughout the last year. Several key players sustained injuries and missed important games. That really set the team on the back foot. Moreover, the NY side pledged to make significant changes this offseason. And they sure did show a lot of intent while trading this winter. The Yankees were able to land some deals successfully, and some did not go their way.

But that happens in the sport. However, the Yankees Faithful must be happy with what they see at present. The NY side has solved their issues with the outfield pretty well. They needed offensive power, and they got the best in the business. Moreover, the Bronx Bombers are currently the projected number one on the WAR list for outfielders. But the Yankees are doing their best to have balance in their bullpen as well. Despite how Rodon performed last year, the front office has faith in the two-time All-Star to turn things around.


Yankees Believe Carlos Rodon Shall Return To Form, Putting 2023 Behind Them

Carlos Rodon Yankees
Carlos Rodon Yankees Source: SFGATE

Carlos Rodon joined the Yankees last offseason as he came off two double-digit winning seasons in a row. Back in those two seasons, he started at around 24 games. However, 2023 saw a major dip in performance. Rodon only started in 14 games last season. He had a 6.85 ERA, as it was the second-worst season in his career so far. The Yankees could implement Carlos Rodon into their clubhouse. Moreover, Rodon had a delayed debut for the NY side as he had to fight through injury issues. Later, he debuted in the Pinstripes uniform back in July. Both player and the team feels that the lack of “On-Ramp” might be the biggest cause for his failure in 2023.

However, the Yankees GM told the media over Zoom that Carlos Rodon reported to their facility in Tampa early. Moreover, Brian Cashman said Rodon looks really good at present, and they are currently in a better collaborative stage. Last year, he was pretty new to the franchise. Moreover, the whole team hopes to see Rodon become the pitcher they know he’s capable of being this year. Adding to that, Cashman said that they’re happy with the rotation they have at present. But they can’t be sure of everything going right and as planned. Hence, the Yankees will continue to look for additions and tinker when seems right. 

Both Rodon And Nestor Cortes Reported Early In The Tampa Facility

Credit: Charles Wenzelberg / New York Post

The talented pitchers Cortes and Rodon are looking for redemption as well. They would like to put the last season behind them. 2023 was brutal for both. Anyway, Brian Cashman said both these lefty pitchers look good and determined. That’s why the Yankees GM is optimistic about the state of the team’s rotation. There are lot of questions and speculations around the Yankees starting staff regarding their form besides the 2023 AL Cy Young Award winner Gerrit Cole.

Anyway, Cashman never ruled out the idea to add more pitchers to the rotation. However, it seems they have no more heavy lifting to do this winter. Now, the fans and the franchise would hope to get bounce-back seasons from both Nestor Cortes and Carlos Rodon. That would make them feel real good about their rotation.