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Stephen Curry is the main reason for hope for the Golden State Warriors. He has always been the talisman of the team. The three-point King is the biggest reason why the Dubs are the modern-day Dynasty. Moreover, the skinny kid from Akron, Ohio, helped the Dubs win four championships in eight years. He, along with his teammate Klay Thompson, revolutionized the sport with their three-point shootings. The Splash Brothers are the key factors that allowed the GSW to enjoy a dynasty in modern times. However, the Warriors trio of Steph, Klay, and Draymond Green really struggled this year. Green faced back-to-back suspensions quite early this year.

That was a big blow for the Golden State Warriors. It really took time for the Dubs to bounce back hard. Later, they were enjoying a winning streak that helped the Dubs climb up to the ninth spot in the Western Conference. But they could not maintain the streak for a long time. Later, Steph sustained a sprained right ankle injury. Eventually, he missed a few games as the Warriors found it hard to maintain a winning streak. Currently, they are barely hanging on to the 10th seed in the Western Conference. Anyhow, Steph feels the Dubs can beat any team on any given day. 


Stephen Curry Believes Warriors Can Beat Anybody

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Lately, the Minnesota Timberwolves beat the GSW 114-110 at Target Center. As a result, the Warriors are on a two-game losing streak at present. It is not good because the league is heading to the fag end of the ongoing regular season. There is a good chance that the Dubs won’t make the postseason if they continue with more losing streaks. Despite this tough situation, the three-point King is not losing his optimism. Stephen Curry believes the San Francisco-based team can beat any side in the league. In the post-game press conference, Steph mentioned that they are really down in the standings, but they are very surprised to be in this situation.

As per The Golden State of Mind, the team keeps on floundering, and it is making the Dub Nation really nervous. Nevertheless, Steph told the media on Friday, “We have what it takes to beat anybody.” Moreover, Stephen Curry added that everybody has talent in what they have built their identities. The Three-point King tried to explain how competitive the league is. It is highly unlikely that the seven-time champions will go higher than the eighth seed. But they must fight hard to finish in the ninth or tenth.

How Can The Dubs Confirm Their Place In The Top Ten?

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If the GSW can maintain a winning streak and, on the other hand, the Los Angeles Lakers and the Houston Rockets lose some games in a row, then Curry’s team can finish at ninth or tenth. Currently, the Dubs are only a game ahead of the Rockets. But they are three game wins behind the LA Lakers.

There is a little too far-fetched assumption, as per the Golden State of Mind, that if the Dallas Mavericks lose eight games in a row, the Warriors can try and climb to the eighth spot. Anyhow, Stephen Curry believes “Anything can happen.” But the Warriors just want to focus on doing their best to make the play-in tournament.

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