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Once again, Mercedes is set to bring new upgrades for the Belgian Grand Prix. Since the Monaco Grand Prix this year, they have changed the looks of the car. And to improve their chances, Toto Wolff’s team will bring another upgrade for the next sprint race in Spa.

However, recently, Mercedes surprised fans with a new upgrade package that has a striking resemblance with Ferrari and Red Bull, especially around the side pods. They have certainly changed the strategy behind the side pods from the Monaco upgrades. On Thursday, some reporters, including Albert Fabrega and technical analyst of RacingNews365, Paolo Filisetti, took pictures of the new W14 look and shared them on social media. Those pictures clearly showed new side pods with cooling inlets and a new rear wing.


Mercedes Will Bring More New Upgrades In Spa Next Weekend

Mercedes W14 Sidepods
Mercedes W14 Sidepods Source: Sky Sports

The new design of the side pods has a rounder inlet and an even more intense downwash. The latest change must make a big difference in the new rear near the end of its floor. That’s because, in the lower part of the side pod, there is a new concave surface. Moreover, specifically for the Belgian Grand Prix, there has been an integration of a new low rear wing downforce. In fact, Toto Wolff had mentioned before that they would introduce new upgrades even before the summer break. But nobody knew exactly what would those new modifications be.

However, fans now display concern over the budget cap issue after seeing the images of the new upgrades on social media. In response, Mercedes’ boss assured the work of their audit team. Moreover, they would want to make a whole new car if it were not for the cost cap restrictions. These small changes will basically determine what the Mercedes team must do with W15 for the 2024 season. Gradually, the former constructor champions are shifting focus to the next season’s car. And the current season is more of a trial run from here on.

W14 Has Been Through A Lot Of Changes But Is Yet To Win A Race

Mercedes Rear Wing
2R40D8P HAMILTON Lewis (gbr), having a look at the new side pods of his Mercedes AMG F1 Team W14, in the garage, during the Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco 2023, 6th round of the 2023 Formula One World Championship from May 26 to 28, 2023 on the Circuit de Monaco, in Monaco – Photo: Florent Gooden/DPPI/LiveMedia

The W14 car did not have any side pods before the race in Monaco. Later, Toto Wolff’s team gave up on the zero-side pod concept because it did not help them in their cause. Hence, the W14 car has been through a lot of changes every race. At first, new side pods came in, along with front and floor suspensions. Later, Mercedes added a new front wing to increase speed around the slow-speed corners. Despite all these modifications, the German team has not won a single race this year yet.

Lewis Hamilton raised hopes when he got his first pole position in Hungary since the 2021 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. However, the seven-time champion failed to live up to expectations. He could not even get a podium finish. Moreover, Mercedes is falling further behind Red Bull in the constructor’s title. After 11 races, the gap between Red Bull and Mercedes has increased a lot. Clearly, the German team will have to settle for second place if they can overcome the threats of McLaren and Aston Martin as well as Ferrari.