Juan Soto, Yankees

Star outfielder Juan Soto has brought hopes back for the fans of the New York Yankees. The way the last season ended was terrible for the fans of the New York side. First of all, the Bronx Bombers could not make the postseason for the first time since 2016. Then, they finished with an awful 82-80 record. It was their worst season in the last 30 years. On top of that, the NY side had the second-worst batting average in the league in the previous season. The only team they were able to beat in terms of hitting average was the nine-time champions, the Oakland Athletics. Hence, it was one of the most disappointing seasons for the New York fans.

But then the front office made some significant changes as they promised earlier. However, the biggest change and addition was the Dominican superstar’s entry into the Bronx. Arguably, Juan Soto is the best hitter in the sport. He is only 25 years old. Moreover, the Dominican slugger already has a World Series victory on his impressive resume. Now, the Yankees Nation hopes that the best hitter in baseball will help them win their 28th World Series in 2024. Moreover, Soto had a great start to his 2024 season wearing the Pinstripe uniform. However, a New York host is not very happy with Soto’s performance so far as a Yankee.


Sal Licata Says Juan Soto Has Been Looking For Walks In Big Spots, And That’s Unacceptable

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Nobody can deny that Juan Soto is one of the best in the game in judging the strike zones. That high level of judgment skills has laid the foundation for becoming the best hitter in baseball. However, WFAN host Sal Licata feels the passivity of Juan Soto sometimes goes too far. For instance, in the game against the Miami Marlins on Wednesday, the Yankees lost 5-2. During the bottom of the ninth inning, the team was down by three runs and a couple of runners on base.

That’s when Juan Soto was working on a six-pitch walk. As a result, the struggling Aaron Judge had to come up with bases loaded. Later, via Audacy, Sal Licata said that he loves Juan Soto but he has been looking for walks. Adding to that, the NY host mentioned, “A walk is never as good as a hit.” Looking at the situation with the Yankees captain struggling, Licata said Soto should have done more damage. Drawing a walk at those situations is not acceptable when the slugger is Juan Soto, as per Licata. 

The NY Host Says The Dominican Slugger Must Swing More If He Wants To Get Paid

Juan Soto, Yankees
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Finally, that game saw Aaron Judge flew out to center field but he was not the final out himself. However, in Licata’s eyes, the blame was on Juan Soto. Hence, the NY host mentioned, “Bro, swing the bat.” If Soto wants to get paid, Licata says he must swing the bat.

In that spot, Licata said he can’t accept a walk from the best hitter in baseball. Clearly, walking does not complete the job Soto needs to do in such situations. Moreover, Licata also mentioned he is definitely not looking for Soto to pass the baton. He is looking for the Dominican superstar to do some damage.

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