Max Verstappen has been an unstoppable force in F1 in the last three years. He won back-to-back three championships. However, he is not the first driver to win three consecutive titles in F1. But the difference between other drivers and the Dutchman has been the sheer style of dominance. He won 39 races in the last three seasons, including the ongoing season. Moreover, there are still five more races remaining in the 2023 season.

Nobody can deny the sheer will to win of the Dutchman. He can seem ruthless as well as selfish when he keeps going on his way to winning everything. Hence, records are just obstacles that are waiting for Max Verstappen to overcome them. But why does Jos Verstappen, Max’s father, fear his son won’t be able to win seven championships?


Jos Doesn’t Think It Will Be Easy For His Son To Break Schumacher’s Record

Jos And Max Verstappen
Jos And Max Verstappen Source: PlanetF1

Even Max himself said several times that he never loses sleep over the records of Michael Schumacher. Breaking the great German’s record has never been on the bucket list of Max Verstappen. Hence, Jos Verstappen told that his son will need luck to get there. After everything comes down to the car and equipment that is available for the drivers. However, Jos said that if Max has great cars to drive for the next four or five years, he’ll get there. But Max Verstappen said that he has never been interested in seven or eight titles.

Most importantly, if the team gives him the car to win races and titles, then Max thinks, “That’s brilliant.” But if not, then he is happy. Anyway, he is already very happy. Michael Schumacher had won 91 races in his glorious career. On the other hand, Verstappen has already won 49 races at 26. Previously, he broke the great Ayrton Senna’s F1 Grand Prix win tally. But now he is on the verge of breaking Schumacher’s, and who knows later, he might even break Lewis Hamilton’s GP win tally. Currently, Hamilton is the only racer to win more than 100 Grand Prix.

It Won’t Be Easy To Keep Max Verstappen Quiet As Long As He Drives The Fastest Car On The Grid

Max Verstappen Red Bull
Max Verstappen Red Bull Source: The SportsRush

Max already broke the record for most wins in a season last year. The previous record was 13 wins, and it belonged to Sebastian Vettel and Michael Schumacher, two German greats in F1’s history. Later, Max Verstappen won 15 races in 2022. If that was not enough, he also won 14 GPs in 2023 with five more to go. No driver in history has been as dominant as Verstappen. The Dutchman is on his way to breaking many records in the future. After all, he is just 26 years old at present.

If he has a long career as Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso, then there is no way he can leave any stone unturned. Moreover, the Dutchman’s collaboration with Red Bull has been of immense significance. He helped the Austrian team get back their hegemony on the F1 grid from the Mercedes team. As long as Red Bull keeps providing Verstappen with the fastest car on the grid, it will be very hard to keep him quiet.