Luis Severino Yankees
Luis Severino Yankees Source: Sports Illustrated

The New York Yankees had a tough season in 2023. Fans were not happy as the team failed to make the postseason. The last time the Bronx Bombers did not make the postseason was back in 2016. However, since Aaron Boone became the manager in 2018, the NY side would make the postseason every time. But they would not go very far in the playoffs. However, this time under Boone, the New York side could not qualify for the playoffs. An essential reason for that could have been the fact that the Bronx Bombers had to deal with a lot of injury issues.

It did not help their cause this season. But Luis Severino is a player who has a lot of skills. However, he could not display much of that for the Yankees because he stayed injured most of the time. The 29-year-old right-hander had plenty of good memories for the NY side. But injuries really ruined his time with the Bronx. Anyhow, on Wednesday, Luis Severino decided to join the New York Mets for a one-year deal worth $13 million. As per Jon Heyman and Joel Sherman of The Post, the news is true.


Severino Moves From Yankees To The Mets

Yankees Luis Severino
Yankees Luis Severino Source: NBC Sports

Anyhow, Luis Severino played for the Yankees in eight MLB seasons. But undoubtedly, the worst season was the last one. The double-time All-Star pitcher had a 3.79 ERA in the last eight seasons for the Yankees. Severino had a right lat strain early in the season. Later, he played the first game in the last season in mid-May. In 18 starts, he recorded a 6.65 ERA and pitched 89 1/3 innings. Severino was looking to get back his rhythm until an oblique strain ended the season for him. On September 8, Severino played the last game for the Yankees. Throughout the last year, the Yankees mentioned Severino’s talent, and stuff is still there.

But now it will fall down to the Mets to utilize his electric potential. Moreover, if he can play without injuries. On the other hand, Luis Severino reunited with Carlos Mendoza, who was the bench coach of the Yankees till the last season. Now, he’s the manager of the Mets. Anyway, Severino stays in New York for another year even if he doesn’t play for the Yankees. This move gives Severino ample opportunity to regain his value in the market until the next offseason. 

Yankees Are Putting Too Much Stress On Aaron Judge

Yankees Luis Severino Aaron Judge
Yankees Luis Severino Aaron Judge Source: CBS Sports

Moreover, the injury to the captain, Aaron Judge, was the turning point in 2023. Since Judge was out, the team lost balance and failed to hold on to a winning streak. That cost the Yankees the season. The NY side could not make up the deficit even when Judge returned. Moreover, Aaron Judge did not look completely healthy.

Clearly, the Yankees are heavily dependent on their captain. They need another superstar outfielder who can lead the side when Judge stays out. Another player who suffered because of injuries was Luis Severino. In fact, several players could not stay healthy the whole season in the NY franchise in 2023.