Lewis Hamilton James Vowles
James Vowles Lewis Hamilton Source: Sky Sports

Sir Lewis Hamilton is the most decorated F1 racer of all time. No other racer has won more Grands Prix than the great Briton in the F1 Motorsport. The previous record for most race wins in Formula One belonged to the great German Michael Schumacher, who had 91 wins. Moreover, the Mercedes star has also equaled the great German’s total number of Driver’s championships. Now, Schumacher and Hamilton are the only two F1 drivers to win seven world championships. However, it won’t be fair to say there has been no other great F1 drivers. Moreover, drivers like Ayrton Senna, Sebastian Vettel, and Niki Lauda had lasting impacts on the sport.

Lately, the current champion, Max Verstappen, is gradually cementing his name among the all-time greats of the sport. However, only time can tell if the Dutch driver can be as successful as Lewis Hamilton or win even more titles and races. But the great Briton has been waiting for his moment to go past the great German in terms of most titles won. He came pretty close back in 2021, but Max Verstappen denied the Mercedes superstar success that year. Anyhow, the Williams team boss recently claimed Hamilton is even ahead of Schumacher on the list of all-time greats. 


Vowles Puts Lewis Hamilton Ahead Of Michael Schumacher

Lewis Hamilton Michael Schumacher
Lewis Hamilton Michael Schumacher Source: Sky Sports

James Vowles was the chief strategist of the Mercedes team during their dominant period between 2014 and 2021. He worked with Hamilton and knows pretty well after all these years. Moreover, Vowles had ranked Lewis Hamilton ahead of the Ferrari legend during his time with the team. Recently, in an interview with the High Performance podcast, Vowles mentioned Hamilton is the most naturally talented driver he has ever worked with. The Williams Team Principal mentioned it is a weird team sport where drivers start by beating their teammates. If they don’t beat their teammates, they are in trouble. But that’s just one aspect of the whole thing.

However, everybody gets the credit because of their contributions to the success. That’s why Vowles says Hamilton is the most talented driver he has worked with, including the great Schumacher. Moreover, the Williams boss mentioned when Lewis Hamilton first joined Mercedes, his mentality was to win every race at all costs and that was a brilliant mindset. But now, Vowles says, Hamilton sees that second places and third places win titles too. The Williams boss believes working with the team when a driver doesn’t win is far more rewarding than when they push everybody away to win every single race out of it. 

James Vowles Remembered When The Hamilton-Rosberg Clash Began In 2016

Lewis Hamilton Nico Rosberg Mercedes
Lewis Hamilton Nico Rosberg Mercedes Source: Sky Sports

The Williams boss told RacingNews365 that the moment when Hamilton and Nico Rosberg clashed in Spain, still sticks to his mind this day. Those two sportsmen got frustrated in Barcelona in 2016 after they were constrained in their respective boxes. Then, Vowles revealed how he constructed a book called Rules of Engagement for the Mercedes duo in 2016 to maintain their sportsmanship during heated battles for the title. Moreover, the Williams boss claims that both drivers knew back in 2014 that it would be one of them winning the races even before the first race of that season.

In Vowles’ book, they constructed a plan about how to work with each other and even fight each other. They changed the title later to something less military. Moreover, Vowles remembered Michael Schumacher being marred by 1997. But he wanted to be remembered for being the most dominant with sportsmanlike attitude. Any unsportsmanship on their part would make them regret it for the rest of their lives. As per those rules, drivers who was faster over 20 races would win and both would get equal opportunities. Vowles remembered the pair back then bought it.

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