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The Golden State Warriors look to redeem their season after an awful start. It is even more painful because of the form of two top players of the team – Draymond Green and Klay Thompson. Green is facing his second suspension after the first 23 games of the regular season. On the other hand, Klay Thompson is not in his best form anymore.

He scored 30+ points and grabbed seven rebounds in the last game against the Los Angeles Clippers. But the game ended with the Golden State Warriors on the losing side. Hence, something is terribly wrong with the modern-day dynasty. But the Warriors are surely looking for some potential trade targets to get help for Steph Curry.


How Can Warriors Get Help For Steph Curry?

Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry Source: NBC Sports

Recently, Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, mentioned there have been several teams who reached out to Mike Dunleavy Jr. regarding potential trades. Moreover, The Woj added that he is aware of some general managers who lobbed calls to the Warriors GM. The ESPN Analyst also said that certain teams are starting to talk about what interests they have in certain players. Moreover, The Woj said they are trading ideas with the Warriors GM. Moreover, The Woj believes the trade deadline is going to be pretty interesting. Many teams feel they have a great team this season.

Among all the teams, the ESPN Analyst feels the GSW will be very open about what they want right now. They will really try and improve this team. Clearly, the seven-time champions are not looking great, as in their chances of making the playoffs look very slim. Currently, they are the 11th seed in the Western Conference. Moreover, they are, at present, 10-14. The Dubs Nation cannot get over the fact naturally at present that they will miss Draymond Green for the next few games because of his suspension. It is still a mystery about why he hit Jusuf Nurkic. 

Stephen Curry Is Not Getting Enough Help On The Court

Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry Source: CNN

Moreover, Stephen Curry is playing a lone battle as it seems, since the start of the current season. The San Francisco-based team started the regular season on a winning note. However, the five-game suspension of Draymond Green played a major role to the downfall of the GSW. Moreover, the Warriors went on to lose six games on the trot. It is not like how a championship-worthy team should perform. The three-point King knows it, and their coach, Steve Kerr, knows it, too. Additionally, the front office of the seven-time champions does, too.

Moreover, Stephen Curry will look for support on the court. The Warriors can start with Jonathan Kuminga in the next games. But the question is if the GSW will take a strict call on Draymond Green and Klay Thompson. These two guys have been part of the Golden State dynasty for so many years. The tripod – Curry, Thompson, and Green have been together since they started to win titles in 2015. Hence, it will be a tough call if the GSW GM decides to trade either Green or Klay.