Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen has established himself as a dominant force in the modern Formula 1. Since his maiden title triumph in 2021, the Dutchman has won 48 out of 71 races. The reigning world champion and brilliant minds at Red Bull were able to shift the paradigm. However, in the ever-changing landscape of F1, the only sure thing is uncertainty. The news of Verstappen heading to Mercedes for the next season has stunned every motorsport fan. 

With a powerful start in the 2024 season, the Dutchman has carried forward the momentum. Due to such emphatic performance, the Red Bull team has signed him in until 2028. However, recent reports suggest that the reigning world champion might make a shocking move to Mercedes. Also, the Mercedes team Boss, Toto Wolff, has offered a dream contract to the RBR driver. Racing driver Tom Coronel has explained the behind-the-scenes of all the F1 frenzy. 


Max Verstappen Eyeing An Early Exit


The 2024 season has been like a rollercoaster until now. The latest bombshell, Verstappen’s move to the Silver Arrows, has left everyone in disbelief. The rumors about this possible shift surfaced after a meeting was set with the senior Mercedes members. The internal unrest could be the probable reason for the three-time world champion looking for a change. Moreover, the controversy hovering around Christian Horner is contributing to the Dutch racer re-evaluating his F1 future. The fellow Dutch driver, Tom Coronel, decoded the ongoing tussle on the RacingNews365 podcast. He feels the discussion between Verstappen and Mercedes delegacy will be beyond money. The focus would be on the 2026 regulations and how the three-pointed stars will improve their performance. 

Further, Coronel believes that Verstappen’s role at Mercedes will be that of an ambassador, like Hamiton’s. However, Mercedes is different from Red Bull, as the latter is an energy drink company. Thus, the Dutchman’s role at the Silver Arrows would be distinct from his previous role. In addition, Coronel said that Verstappen’s ‘fun factor’ is missing at RBR. Instead, he is doing things for the sake of doing them. Therefore, he feels it won’t be surprising if the 26-year-old racer would be seen donning the silver outfit. 

Double Trouble For Red Bull Racing  

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The headache for the Milton Keynes-based team extends beyond the ‘Verstappen’ threat. Adrian Newey, the Chief Technical Officer, is also considering an early departure. Coronel also elucidated the Newey situation. Amid the speculations of Newey shifting to a new F1 team, the veteran racer believes otherwise. He feels the aero wizard should move on, but cracking a $100 million deal might not be his priority. The veteran engineer will do ‘better things with life,’ suggests Tom. 

The chaos is creating a state of panic for the RBR team Boss, Christian Horner. Thus, it will be interesting to see how things unfold after the Miami GP.