Toto Wolff with Zak brown

The world of Formula 1 is ever-changing, where uncertainty is the only constant. Since Adrian Newey’s exit is confirmed, the paddock has been filled with speculations and rumors. One such speculation concerns a mass exodus at Milton Keynes. The internal mayhem that caused Newey’s departure is far from over, as the key RBR personnel are exploring their options. 

Thus, stirring the pot, McLaren and Mercedes have teamed up against Red Bull. Toto Wolff and Zak Brown are firing verbal shots at the energy drink-based outfit. To illustrate, the current situation resembles a verbal boxing match, with words exchanged vigorously.


Wolff Supports Brown: Rumors Swirl of Red Bull Team Members Ready to Jump Ship

With Adrian Newey marking an end to his two-decade journey, speculation of a potential fallout surfaced. Red Bull management is suffering internal turmoil while on the verge of losing some talented minds. Thus, Toto Wolff and Zak Brown are on the same side to fan the flames. Toto Wolff, who has been in a constant verbal tussle with Red Bull’s Christian Horner, observes the RBR chaos. With several attempts to poach Max Verstappen, Wolff jibed at Red Bull’s unrest. On the other hand, Zak Brown, the McLaren CEO, disclosed that Red Bull employees are looking for a way out. He added that McLaren had received a multitude of CVs from RBR’s staff. The American, 52, feels people want to work alongside Adrian Newey, and his departure has had a lasting impact on the current scenario. 

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Later, when Wolff was asked about Brown’s remark, he responded promptly, affirming Brown’s statement. The Austrian executive confirmed that RBR CVs fly all over the F1 paddock. Therefore, engineers at Milton Keynes are looking for a new option as the Chief Technical Officer has resigned. However, he fixated that he focuses on improving Mercedes’ current performance and is least interested in the Red Bull mayhem. 

Christian Horner Has A Piece Of Advice for McLaren And Mercedes 


Christian Horner criticized his two opponents, urging them to concentrate on their own teams. He also professed to have recruited over 200 members from Mercedes in recent years. Labeling their comments as ‘inevitable,’ Horner expressed discontent with the current circumstances. The Red Bull boss didn’t hesitate to highlight Mercedes’ below-par performance while affirming his team’s strength. However, whether this frustration was directed at the competitors or Red Bull Racing’s current challenging situation remains unclear.

One thing is clear: despite Horner’s strong retaliation, things at Red Bull don’t look ‘ok.’ Meanwhile, reports suggest that their sporting director, Jonathan Wheatley, actively seeks better opportunities. Therefore, with numerous changes expected in 2026, Red Bull management would significantly try to retain its key personnel.