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Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team ruled the pinnacle of motorsport, Formula One, for a decade. From 2014 to 2021, the team won eight constructors and seven drivers championship titles. Their dominant run was something the sport had never witnessed in its decades-long history. One of their lead drivers, Lewis Hamilton, equaled the championship record with the team back in 2020.

However, things took a 360-degree turn after the fateful night of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in 2021. Lewis Hamilton missed out on his record-breaking eight drivers title as he lost to Max Verstappen of Red Bull in a controversial last-lap shootout. Since then, it began a rare yet brutal downfall for the Silver Arrows. Now, the Mercedes team principal has pinned the blame on the regulating body of F1 and accused them of conspiracy.


Toto Wolff Believes 2021 Regulation Changes Introduced To Curb Mercedes’ Dominance!

Mercedes AMG F1

In the world of Formula One, competition is fierce, and stakes are incredibly high. Thus, accusations and controversies are not uncommon. Mercedes, especially, has been constantly crying foul ever since they were dethroned as the ultimate F1 champions by Red Bull back in 2021. While the Silver Arrows have slumped to their lowest point, the drink-based team continues to rewrite the books of history. This season, Max Verstappen secured a record 10th consecutive win and will now look to go undefeated. In the meantime, Toto Wolff, the Silver Arrows team principal, seems to be having trouble adjusting to the change.

He recently went on record to accuse FIA of conspiracy. Wolff said that regulation changes enforced in 2021 were designed with the basic idea of reducing their dominance. The change in questions was the 10% reduction in downforce. FIA regulated the teams to make a diagonal cut in their floors ahead of the rear tyres, which reduced the downforce. According to Toto, that was the area where Mercedes benefitted the most. Their 2020 car, W11, especially, continued to generate unimaginable pace from the floor. But by the end of the year, FIA altered the floor regulation, which directly impacted the Brackley-based team. “Those regulations were set in place to reduce the advantage that we had,” concluded Toto Wolff.

Did FIA Aimed To Reset The Pecking Order?

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Since the regulation changes came into effect in 2021, Red Bull Racing has gone full ballistic. While reigning F1 champions Mercedes fell at the back of the grid, Red Bull continued to soar to establish a change in scenery. They were the new undisputed champions of the sport, which certainly irked the Silver Arrows. Toto Wolff recently claimed that FIA regulations were aimed at resetting the pecking order.

They could not digest Mercedes’ success and hence picked up aspects to reduce their advantage. While Wolff’s frustration is understandable, FIA’s job is to evolve as time passes by. The regulations are being subject to constant changes to make the sport more interesting and sustainable. Having said that, another major set of regulation changes is scheduled to hit in 2026. That may impact Red Bull’s dominant run.