Anthony Volpe Yankees
Anthony Volpe Yankees Source: CBS Sports

The New York Yankees found an impressive shortstop last season in Anthony Volpe. Albeit, the last season was not something worth remembering. First of all, they failed to make the postseason for the first time since 2016. Then, the NY side had the second-worst batting average. They could only get their average better than the Oakland Athletics. Moreover, the worrying sign was the team finishing with a terrible 82-80 season. It was the worst season in the last 30 years for the Bronx Bombers. Hence, the fans can find it hard to look back to the 2023 season with any fond memories.

But the rookie Anthony Volpe was really impressive. Albeit, he was not as strong in the offense as he was in the defense. But he did win the Gold Glove last year. He became the second Yankee after Derek Jeter to win the Gold Glove as a shortstop. Moreover, the new shortstop last season became the first Yankee to hit 20 home runs and have 20 steals in his rookie season. However, that does not satisfy him enough, as Volpe knows there’s room for a lot of improvement.


Anthony Volpe Wants To Have A Great Sophomore Season

Anthony Volpe Yankees
Anthony Volpe Yankees Source: Forbes

Last year, Volpe had his dream come true moment when he made his MLB debut wearing the Pinstripe uniform. He had a lot of excitement and relief when he first got to know about his selection to the senior team. Lately, he got to know that he has outplayed his competition to play the shortstop role. Anthony Volpe knows that he has secured his place as the new Yankees shortstop. But now, the most challenging work is about to begin. He realizes that. Prior to the spring training, Volpe told the media that he set his sights on improving his performance in his sophomore season. As per the, Anthony Volpe said that he learned a lot about everything last season.

He said that they have been going to work. Moreover, Volpe mentioned that it is taking a little time and strength of his game to find more consistency. Adding to that, the last season’s rookie of the Yankees noted that he would iron out those things that did not let him achieve as much success as he expected to get in his rookie season. Moreover, the young man really hopes to raise his hitting average that was .209 last year. And also the on base percentage, which was .283, needs work. Then, he can elevate the lineup of the Yankees.

Yankees Manager Has Faith In The Last Season’s Rookie

Aaron Boone Yankees
Aaron Boone Yankees Source: Sports Illustrated

During the 2022 Minor League season, Anthony Volpe struck out 88 times in 422 at-bats with Double-A Somerset. But last year, with the Yankees in the major league, he whiffed 167 times. It was a significant jump. But Aaron Boone said that he has a feeling that in Volpe’s DNA, he has what it takes to control the strike zone.

Moreover, the Yankees skipper mentioned that it is the area where he really needs to improve. And Boone added that he thinks Volpe will continue to improve in that area. The Yankees manager really hopes to see those improvements this year. But in the future, Boone hopes to see Volpe get on base even more.

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