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Stephen Curry, along with LeBron James and Kevin Durant, are the modern-day greats. After they retire, they will surely be remembered as all-time greats. There are several debates about who’s greater among these three superstars. But they have entertained the audience for over twenty years. These three guys have been the brightest stars of the modern times. LeBron made his debut in 2003. Kevin played his first NBA game in 2007. Then came the three-point King, who made his debut in the big league in 2009.

Whenever their teams have clashed in the seasons and, especially in the playoffs, the television ratings would soar high. However, in 2024, the fans are witnessing a new low in the league. These NBA greats of modern times won’t be playing in the second round of the playoffs. They would be watching the rest of the playoff games from their homes. It has not happened since 2005 that neither LeBron James, Kevin Durant, or Stephen Curry has not played in the conference semi-finals stage. 


No Stephen Curry, No LeBron James And No Kevin Durant In Round 2 Of 2024 Playoffs

Kevin Durant Stephen Curry Warriors
Kevin Durant Stephen Curry Warriors Source: ESPN

Apparently, the dawn of a new NBA era has arrived. The brightest stars of the last twenty years have not qualified for the second round of the 2023-24 playoffs. Kevin Durant helped the Golden State Warriors win two back-to-back titles in 2017 and 2018 against the LeBron James-led Cleveland Cavaliers. But without KD, Stephen Curry won two more titles, leading the GSW to victory. Since KD left the Dubs organization, he failed to cement a superior legacy to Curry’s. On the other hand, the three-point King cemented the legacy of being the talismanic leader of the modern-day Dubs Dynasty. He won four titles with the GSW, and their last victory came just two years back. 

On the other hand, LeBron James was playing in his 21st NBA season. But that was cut short till the 2024 playoffs first round as the Denver Nuggets continued to dominate the Los Angeles Lakers. Meanwhile, Kevin Durant failed to lead the Phoneix Suns to a title win this year as the Minnesota Timberwolves knocked them out in the first round. However, it was even worse for the three-point King and the modern-day Dynasty. Some fans are saying that the Dynasty is over. According to NBA.com, “Steph’s Dynasty Might Just Die Nasty.” The Sacramento Kings knocked the Warriors in the play-in stage. As a result, the playoffs march on without the game’s brightest stars. 

Steph Believes The Dynasty Isn’t Over Yet

Klay Thompson Draymond Green Stephen Curry Warriors
Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, Stephen Curry Warriors Source: radiozona.com.ar

After the Kings knocked the Warriors out of the postseason, Draymond Green revealed what Steph told him on his podcast. Green said he went to the three-point King, saying, “Bro, I love you.” In reply, Stephen Curry mentioned, “I love you too, bro, but we ain’t done.” That reply made Green very happy as it sure made the Dub Nation a lot happier. The Warriors need motivation before the next season begins. Moreover, Steph won the Clutch Player of the Year Award.

While talking about the award, Stephen Curry told the TNT’s Inside the NBA panelists that he will be watching the playoffs from his home. He added that he will be taking notes and figure out what they can do differently to get to that stage next year. Hence, as per the talisman of the GSW, “The Dynasty is not over.” This year, Curry will team up with LeBron and KD, representing Team USA in the Paris Olympics. It will be Steph’s first Olympics appearance. He is surely very excited about that.

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