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LeBron James is one of the most successful NBA players ever. He is the first-ever active player to become a billionaire. Moreover, as an NBA player, the King has won the MVP for four times and the finals MVP for another four times. He has also won the championship four times as well. However, unlike his contemporaries like Kobe Bryant and Stephen Curry, LBJ won multiple titles for three different teams.

James debuted in the league representing his hometown franchise, the Cleveland Cavaliers. Then he joined the Miami Heat, went back to the Cavaliers, and then again shifted to the mighty Los Angeles Lakers. With the Purple & the Gold, LeBron won his fourth and latest championship ring in the year 2020. However, he really wants to win his 5th championship ring before he retires. The Lakers Nation will also hope that if LBJ gets there, he might do that wearing the purple and gold uniform. But he will be 39 next December, and he does not have ample time to play the game of basketball professionally. Hence, the question comes up: What if he gets bored and decides to play for another championship-winning team instead?


What If LeBron James Leave The Lakers All Of A Sudden?

LeBron James Rich Paul
LeBron James Rich Paul Source: Yahoo Sports

Recently, in an interview with the Gil Arena’s podcast, LBJ’s agent, Rich Paul, mentioned that the former left the Cleveland Cavaliers because he gets bored way too fast. However, Paul believes that the Lakers are a whole other situation. LBJ’s agent said that one should respect the Laker’s legacy, championships, and players once they join that team. However, he disagrees with the narrative that James needs a team or certain players to win a title.

According to Rick Paul, it is a shared need. Hence, if LeBron James has to change teams or something, he will bring a lot of advantages along with him. However, the Lakers front office believes the King is not going anywhere until he helps the LA side win another title. And James has already started his preparation for the next season.

LBJ Helped All The Three Teams He Played For So Far Win A Title

LeBron James
LeBron James Source: Sports Illustrated

Everybody regarded him as the best player in the league. However, in his first stint with the Cavaliers, he didn’t win any championship. LeBron James waited patiently for seven long years, but no title was coming to the Cavaliers way back then. Hence, he took the hard decision to move to the southeast to join the Miami Heat. That was the team with which LeBron James became the King James. With the Heat, he won a couple of championships. But back home in Cleveland, the fans were calling James a “Traitor.”

To put an end to these claims, LeBron James returned to the Cleveland Cavaliers franchise for his second stint with his home team. Finally, in 2016, King James ended the Cleveland Curse as the Cavaliers defeated the reigning champions Golden State Warriors. But to everybody’s surprise, in 2018, the all-time leading scorer joined the Los Angeles Lakers. Nobody really thought back then he would join a team in the Western Conference. However, not only did he join the Lakers, but he also helped them become the champions after a long time. Hence, in short, whichever team the King James has represented, he has helped them become champions at least once.