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Stephen Curry has become an all-time great in the NBA. There are still several years to go before he hangs up his boots. Moreover, the Golden State Warriors fans would want their talisman to play for many more years wearing the Dubs uniform. On top of that, the Dub Nation would want the Three-Point King to win many more championships if possible. However, after spending almost 15 years in the NBA, it is hard not to look at the age. Father Time catches up with everybody. As fans, it is better to prepare beforehand to know that their favorite players will retire someday.

Father Time will catch up with every player, including LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Stephen Curry as well. The way their season ended in the 2023-2024 edition, it seems like the end is near. None of these three superstars managed to lead their respective teams to the second round of the playoffs. Moreover, Stephen Curry and the Warriors were knocked out in the play-in tournament, could not even make the playoffs. But what are these guys planning to do post-retirement? It seems like Curry has figured it out already.


Stephen Curry Plans To Focus On His Second Favorite Game Post-Retirement

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Stephen Curry ACC Source: Golfweek USA Today

Recently, in an interview with Golf Digest, Stephen Curry told Max Adler that his dream is to play on the PGA Tour Champions after his NBA career is over. Moreover, the talisman of the Warriors said at present he is not sure what the path is after retirement. However, he knows that he will invest as much time and energy in golf as he can after he is done with basketball. Moreover, the PGA Tour is a senior tour for professional golfers aged 50 or even older. Stephen Curry is 36 right now. He says that after retiring from the NBA, he will try to invest a lot in his golfing career, and he is eager to know where his life will go 14 years from now.

The greatest shooter in basketball has proved that he is an elite golfer. Naturally, he should only get better when he will be able to dedicate more time to golf, his second favorite game. But the fact does not change at present and that’s Curry has still a lot of years left in basketball. After a disappointing end to the ongoing season, Curry looks to get ready for the next season to try to help the Dubs win more titles. However, in the end, it is good to know beforehand where the greatest shooter in basketball is planning to go in post-retirement life.

Is The Warriors Dynasty Over?

Warriors Source: Sporting News

Like Michael Jordan, Stephen Curry also has a passion for golf. But he has set one of his post-retirement goals in golf. Only time will say how successful he will be in his second favorite game. But talking about his retirement and post-retirement phase is bringing up the question regarding his future with the Dubs. Steph really wanted to win one more title with the Warriors and the same core group.

But Klay Thompson and Draymond Green had a disappointing season this year. Green and Curry are still under contract with the Dubs. But Klay will be an unrestricted free agent in the offseason. Are the Warriors planning to let the Splash Brother of Steph go? Then, that would mean the end of the Dubs Dynasty unless they add another superstar alongside Curry and go on to win another title.

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