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Stephen Curry Klay Thompson Splash Brothers Warriors Source: Sports Illustrated

Stephen Curry will have to play without his ‘Splash Brother,’ Klay Thompson, from the next NBA season onwards. He is going to miss his brother in the locker room of the Golden State Warriors. These ‘Splash Bros’ changed the game forever. There is a good reason behind their nickname. They brought the revolution of the three-point shots since they came together in 2011. That’s just the way they played. But the Splash Brothers were instrumental in making the Dubs organization a modern-day Dynasty. Along with the veteran forward Draymond Green, the ‘Splash Bros’ won four NBA Championships with the Warriors. However, like all good things come to an end at a certain point, the Dubs Dynasty is apparently breaking up really fast.

When Kevin Durant left the GSW back in 2019, there was a lot of talk about it because of confusion. Why did KD leave the Dubs after winning a couple of championships and Finals MVP with the team? Since then, Durant has been struggling to find a way to win another championship. Now, what will happen to Thompson? He moved to the Dallas Mavericks to join long-time rivals Kyrie Irving and Luka Doncic. Fans wonder if that’s the right move for Klay at this stage in his career. Moreover, Stephen Curry gave a hint that the Warriors made a “Fair” offer to the sharpshooter early in the last season.


If The Warriors Made A “Fair” Offer, Why Klay Thompson Still Left Them?

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Recently, during an interview with Sam Amick of The Athletic, Stephen Curry mentioned that he believes the contract extension that the Dubs offered Klay before the 2023-2024 season was “Fair.” Moreover, Curry said that at the end of the day, it is a business. Adding to that, he said that the team will try to position the roster so that it’s successful and is able to win more titles. To get to that stage, a lot of things go into that process. Hence, Stephen Curry noted, “It is not a three-man team.” However, the three-point King told Amick that he was not on the phone or wasn’t a part of the conversation when his ‘Splash Bro’ was talking to his agents.

Last fall, the Warriors offered Klay Thompson a two-year extension deal worth $48 million. Curry said he sure knows about that offer and felt it was pretty “Fair” to signify what Thompson meant to the team. However, the length of the contract has been a big factor in Thompson’s decision-making. Steph said he knew that the length was a big deal to his ‘Splash Bro.’ Now, he is part of the Mavs for three years with a $50 million contract.

Stephen Curry Was Afraid That Something Like This Might Happen

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Klay Thompson did not have a memorable final season with the only team he has played for so far in the NBA. Then, he became an unrestricted free agent in the offseason. After the play-in game against the Sacramento Kings, where Thompson had a scoreless night, Steph Curry said in the post-game press conference that he can’t imagine playing without those two guys. Well, Draymond Green and Curry both are under contract with the Dubs.

They have few more years left in their contract. But Thompson did become a free agent. Curry said in that press conference that everyone wants to win and for that will have to make serious changes, “That’s what I’m afraid of.” Perhaps Curry knew that his ‘Splash Bro’ was looking for a fresh start elsewhere.

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