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Stephen Curry Warriors Source: BasketUniverso

Stephen Curry became a part of the Golden State Warriors in 2009. It did not take much time for the fans to realize that he was a gift from God to them. The last time the GSW won the NBA championship was in 1975. It had been a too-long wait for the fans in the Bay Area to enjoy such success in the NBA. But who knew a skinny kid from Akron, Ohio, is about to change their history forever? However, the impact of Stephen Curry was not limited to the Bay Area but all of the NBA. He revolutionized the three-point shot and gradually became the greatest shooter in the game of all time.

But more importantly, Steph led the Golden State Warriors to become a modern-day NBA dynasty, winning four titles in a span of eight years. In the process, the greatest shooter in the game won two Most Valued Player awards. But it was great while it lasted. Coming to the 2024 postseason, it seems the Dubs Dynasty is over. The Sacramento Kings knocked the Warriors out in the play-in game. Klay Thompson, the Splash Brother of Curry, didn’t score a single point. He will be an unrestricted free agent in the offseason. If the Dubs trade Klay, Steph might ask for a trade as well. 


If Stephen Curry Asks Out, Which Franchises Are Likely To Land Him?

LeBron James Stephen Curry
LeBron James Stephen Curry Source: Complex

It never really seemed likely that Stephen Curry can leave the Golden State Warriors. In fact, he wished to finish his career as a Warrior. But after what happened in the 2024 postseason, it seems the Dynasty is finished. Then, there is a possibility that the 36-year-old superstar might look for another team that can help him win another NBA championship. However, the three-point King still has two more years in his contract with the GSW. As per Bovada, Curry should finish his career at the Bay Area, but the other favorite is the San Antonio Spurs.

Despite the Spurs having one of the worst seasons ever, with a mere 20 wins in 2024, having Victor Wembanyama in the mix is a huge boost. Curry can suit well alongside the most anticipated rookie in the sport after LeBron James. According to BovadaOfficial, the Spurs have +650 odds to land Stephen Curry. Then, there is the Los Angeles Lakers with +800 odds. Moreover, Charlotte Hornets, where Dell Curry, Steph’s dad, is an all-time legend, can sign the three-point King with +1200 odds. Then, the Miami Heat, Chicago Bulls and Dallas Mavericks have good odds too for landing Curry. 

Steph Might Have A Soft Corner For The Hornets

Stephen Curry Dell Curry
Stephen Curry Dell Curry Source: GQ

LeBron James has expressed his admiration for Steph and wanted to play alongside him. That wish will come true in the 2024 Paris Olympics. But can the all-time leading scorer convince the greatest basketball shooter to join the Los Angeles Lakers? Only time can answer that. However, it was almost a couple of years ago when Stephen Curry teased about joining his hometown franchise, the Charlotte Hornets.

Steph told the Charlotte Observer that he loved the journey he had with the Warriors and never really wanted to play for another team. However, he was always curious about playing for his hometown. Steph thought about what it would be like to live in Charlotte and set up roots. He said, “You think about that for sure.”

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