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CHECKOUT: Sebastian Vettel Drops Major Hint On Potential Return To Formula One!

Sebastian Vettel is an absolute legend of Formula One. He won back-to-back four titles from 2010 to 2013 and helped build the Red Bull dynasty in F1. However, from 2014 to 2021, there was only one team that dominated the grid. It was their rival Mercedes, with Lewis Hamilton steering the wheel and Toto Wolff as Team Principal. Moreover, Red Bull had to wait for eight years to win their fifth constructor title. But Sebastian Vettel did not stay part of Red Bull after winning four titles with them. It was his dream to race for Ferrari because Seb wanted to follow in the footsteps of his childhood hero, Michael Schumacher.

However, Vettel could not win any more championships with any other teams. Lastly, he raced for Aston Martin in 2022, after which he retired. It was pretty shocking because it seemed a bit premature end to a wonderful career. Later, Fernando Alonso replaced Sebastian Vettel in the Aston Martin team. Now, Alonso has got a teammate in the form of Lance Stroll. What if Sebastian Vettel returns to the Milton Keynes team?


Sebastian Vettel Talked About A Potential Comeback To F1

Sebastian Vettel Christian Horner Red Bull
Sebastian Vettel Christian Horner Red Bull Source: Sky Sports F1

Perhaps the 4-time champion can replace Sergio Perez and become Max Verstappen’s new teammate. It would be interesting and exciting for the fans. On the other hand, Lewis Hamilton, a good friend and a long-time rival, told Seb before he retired that he believed Vettel would come back sometime like Alonso did. Recently, Vettel hinted at a proposal of coming out of retirement. Speaking to Sky Sports’s Martin Brundle, Sebastian Vettel mentioned that he can’t say no to the possibility of return because he doesn’t know. Seb continued saying that every driver would say things like “No” or “I don’t know”.

But all these guys returned later, and that’s the reason why he can’t exclude that possibility. However, Sebastian Vettel mentioned if he comes back, then it would not be after ten years because he is 36 at present. Albeit, he is loving the challenge of life in the post-retirement stage. Seb is keen to figure out what to do next. Moreover, Sebastian Vettel mentioned that he still stays in touch with Red Bull members via phone as they travel a lot. He knows them all and likes to stay involved in some way with Red Bull.

George Russell Might Discuss With Vettel About His GPDA Position Later This Year

Sebastian Vettel George Russell
Sebastian Vettel George Russell Source: PlanetF1

Moreover, Mercedes driver George Russell mentioned that he had a few talks with Seb. Russell feels that Vettel needed some time off the sport. Moreover, Vettel has some projects he was working on besides the game of F1. Perhaps after the end of the year, Russell would like to discuss his GPDA position. However, fans of Sebastian Vettel want him to come back from retirement just like Fernando Alonso came out of retirement, and he is currently the oldest driver on the grid.

On top of that, Sebastian’s hero once came out of retirement. It is not new in Formula One as his hero, Michael Schumacher, did return in 2011 racing for Mercedes. However, the seven-time champion’s second stint in F1 did not last long. Michael Schumacher retired after a couple of years. But it might be a different scenario for Vettel. After all, Red Bull is at the top of the dominance chain in F1 currently.