Aaron Judge Yankees Vs Boston Red Sox
Aaron Judge Yankees Vs Boston Red Sox Source: NJ.com

The New York Yankees are trying to do their best this offseason to redeem themselves ahead of the next season. Finally, they realized that they needed to get rid of a lot of players who were just taking up the space in the 40-member roster. Just to kickstart the offseason, the NY side lately named six players who they would like to leave.

Technically, the offseason began on October 2 for the Bronx Bombers as they failed to make the postseason this year. They had one of the worst seasons in the franchise’s history. From Monday, the offseason is starting for the rest of the baseball teams. On Sunday, Bob Nightengale of USA Today Sports revealed what the rivals of the Yankees think they would do this offseason.


What Does The Rivals Think Of The Yankees Offseason Plans?

Shohei Ohtani Aaron Judge
Shohei Ohtani Aaron Judge Source: MLB.com

Moreover, the rivals don’t expect the Yankees to spend as much as they used to do in the past. However, the rivals think the NY side will try and change the mind of the best player in the league at present, Shohei Ohtani. Moreover, the Japanese sensation is also the best free agent available in the market. But some experts and fans believe Ohtani might join the Los Angeles Dodgers or the Texas Rangers. If he signs with the Dodgers, he won’t have to leave Los Angeles as he’ll join another LA team. But he might also consider the Rangers, as they just won the World Series. However, the city rivals of the Yankees, the New York Mets, are a top contender to sign Shohei Ohtani, and also the eternal rivals of the Bronx, the Boston Red Sox.

Anyhow, if they can’t change the mind of Ohtani, the Yankees should sign Juan Soto of the San Diego Padres. The rivals believe, the Yankees will have a serious trade talk regarding Soto with the Padres now or in the future. But what impressed the rivals the most was the change in mind of the NY side to part with certain prospects for immediate help. Anyhow, recently, the Yankees hired a consulting firm to check their analytics. It has been a bit of a controversial decision. Anyhow, other good news is that Aaron Judge won the Roberto Clemente Award. On top of that, the rookie Anthony Volpe won the AL Gold Glove. 

The Bronx Bombers Are Not Losing Their Hopes So Soon

Aaron Judge Yankees
Aaron Judge Yankees Source: NY1

But Brian Cashman, the GM, Hal Steinbrenner, the owner, Aaron Judge, the captain, are not losing hope and faith in the team. They believe they need a big change all over the organization ahead of the next season. Moreover, they have an extra month in the offseason to plan and execute before the 2024 season begins.

Besides the roster, the Yankees will need a new hitting coach, as Sean Casey won’t return next season. Anyhow, the major problem is in the roster, for sure. Moreover, the 27-time champions had the second-worst batting average in the 2023 season. They really need help with their offense. Albeit, the defense is so-so, it is better than the offense. Hence, the Yankees are looking for elite hitters in the free agency.