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Red Bull Racing

F1 fans must admit that the Red Bull racing team has been unstoppable since 2021. While they won the 2021 world championship by the barest of margins, the next couple of years witnessed their domination. Now, the team entered 2024 in hopes of replicating their ’23 season. Although they managed to dominate on track, the biggest hurdle was the internal chaos and power struggle. 

The reigning world champion, Max Verstappen, recently lost to Lando Norris at Miami GP. Norris became the first driver to overtake Verstappen at Hard Rock Stadium, disrupting his Miami GP streak. While Verstappen finished at P2, the gap between him and others was not wide. Additionally, the Dutchman was unhappy with the performance as he termed his Florida outing as ‘terrible.’ This Sunday race has ignited speculation that Red Bull’s reign is ending. 


Red Bull Seeks Stability Amid Internal Turmoil As Aerodynamic Leader Leaves

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The Red Bull team is under the radar as rumors of employees willing to leave the setup surfaced. While Adrian Newey’s departure was a massive blow, the compounding effects might hurt RBR further. As the team seeks stability, another key personnel leaves the Milton Keynes-based outfit. Michael Broadhurst, the aerodynamic leader, has signed a contract with Alpine. Although his name is not popular, Michael was crucial for the team. Christian Horner firmly believes the team does not rely on a single individual despite these exits. While a massive organization like Red Bull might not depend on one person, constant exits will create a void of stability. The destabilizations could affect the results in the long run. While the political struggle is far from over, early exits could only deteriorate the situation. 

Meanwhile, the upcoming 2026 regulations might haunt RBR. Since Red Bull is not a car-manufacturing company, its chances of success are low. At the same time, teams like Mercedes, Audi, and Ferrari could outperform the reigning champion. However, RBR’s partnership with Ford to manufacture the powertrain could give them hope. Perhaps if the chaos continues, Red Bull might transition from being an elite team to a mid-tired team. 

Can Red Bull’s Facade of Peace Help Them Navigate Through Unrest?

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While the Red Bull team is on the verge of losing its elite status, the management portrays calmness. The team was able to renew Pierre Wache’s contract, the technical director who is considered Newey’s successor. Further, they have regained the trust of aerodynamics head Enrico Balbo and performance head Ben Waterhouse.

However, the team is yet to sign a fresh contract with sporting director Jonathan Wheatley and chief engineer Paul Monaghan. Hence, the chaos persists, yet Christian Horner seeks to portray a contrary belief. Is it merely a facade, or is the team genuinely unfazed by the ongoing clutter?