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Red Bull Racing arguably achieved the most successful season in the history of Formula One in 2023. However, the drink-based outfit is treating the 21-win season not only as a benchmark for the rivals to follow but also as a challenge for them to find room for improvement. Earlier, Adrian Newey revealed how he is still unsatisfied with RB19’s performance.

Newey believes Red Bull is yet to unlock its true potential. Thus, the engineers back in the factory have been instructed to find better ways to enhance the performance of the car. Meanwhile, the RB20 is current in the wind tunnel. Moreover, its chassis recently went through a crash test. While the component failed the test, the results were a blessing in disguise for the team.


Red Bull Moving Towards Lighter Car In 2024!

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Crash tests are mandatory for every team to pass before the start of an F1 season. The tests are being designed to adhere to the safety standards set by FIA. As a part of the tests, a car’s chassis is tested at front, rear, and side impacts at speeds between 36 and 54 kph. Every team needs to clear this test to attain the clearance required to field the machinery on the track for the next season. While teams are allowed innumerable crash tests, notably, Red Bull failed its initial test. As per multiple reports, the Bull failed the crash test on its first attempt. However, the team’s senior motorsport advisor, Helmut Marko, deemed it a blessing in disguise.

It’s because Red Bull pushed the limits for the first test instead of meeting the FIA standards. Moreover, the failed crash test suggests that the drink-based outfit is trying to shed the weight of the machinery. The more the car weighs, the better the chassis can absorb the crash impact. Thus, as Bulls failed the test, it means that their chassis lacks the weight. A lighter car aids overtakes in high-speed corners. Max Verstappen has been pushing for that change for a while now. Thus, the recent events indicate that the drink-based outfit is actively working towards Verstappen’s request. And if they manage to gain what they plan, there will be no stopping the reigning World Champion. Of course, the Bulls will eventually end up passing the test as and when adjustments come into place. But their early intentions are a cause of worry for immediate rivals.

RBR Already Working On 2025?

Red Bull

In another major rumor, speculations have it that Red Bull Racing has already begun work on its 2025 season challenger, with the 2024 season still in the pipeline. Earlier rumors indicated that the drink-based outfit stopped working on RB19 mid-season and devoted its sole focus to RB20.

However, with an entire 2024 season yet to go, Red Bull is already multiple steps ahead of its rivals. This rumor is bad news for the rivals, including Mercedes, Ferrari, and McLaren, trying to catch up. While their focus is to close the gap, the Bulls are thinking about how to further prolong their dominance and become a super invincible force.