Alex Albon Sergio Perez Checo
Alex Albon Sergio Perez Checo Source: PlanetF1

Red Bull replaced Alex Albon with Sergio Perez in 2021. Apparently, Albon could not manage the pressure of being Max Verstappen’s teammate. Since Checo paired up with the Dutch driver, things started to turn in the Austrian outfit’s favor. In 2021, the Milton Keynes team could not beat Mercedes to win the constructor title. The Silver Arrows eventually won their eighth constructor title in a row. However, the Driver’s World Championship saw an epic showdown in the final race of 2021. In Abu Dhabi, Max Verstappen was able to beat Lewis Hamilton narrowly to claim his maiden Driver’s World title. However, he could not have done it alone.

Sergio Perez played a crucial role to slow Hamilton down a bit. In the end, the Dutch driver broke Hamilton’s streak in 2021. Since then, Red Bull and Max Verstappen never looked back. They won everything from the constructor title to the Driver’s World Championship. But Checo has been the big disappointment for Red Bull in the last two years. Max has won an unbelievable number of 34 races since 2022. On the other hand, Checo won only four. Hence, Red Bull might want to replace the Mexican driver with Alex Albon again. 


Will Red Bull Replace Checo With Alex Albon In 2025?

Alex Albon Max Verstappen Red Bull
Alex Albon Max Verstappen Red Bull Source: Sky Sports

Lately, Alex Albon really impressed everybody while driving for the Williams team. As per reports, even Mercedes wanted to offer him a deal to replace Lewis Hamilton in 2025. On the other hand, Sergio Perez does not have any extra year in his contract with Red Bull after 2024. And the talk of Checo’s replacement has been going on for a long time. Hence, it is highly unlikely that the Austrian outfit will extend Checo’s contract. But there was a rumor that perhaps Daniel Ricciardo would replace the Mexican driver as Verstappen’s new teammate. Lately, Motorsport reported that the Austrian team is trying to have a “First refusal” on Alex Albon.

It means Red Bull wants to have the first authority to accept or reject him when Albon’s contract with the Williams Racing team expires. Max Verstappen will be a Red Bull driver till 2028. Hence, Albon might get to be the Dutchman’s teammate once again. However, in a recent interview with Sky Sports, Albon mentioned he wants to focus at present on his journey with the Williams team. And he’ll deal with these contracts with other teams as “Behind the scenes work.” He just wants to keep up the good work like last year. 

Alex Albon Is Focusing On Williams Right Now

Alex Albon Williams
Alex Albon Williams Source: PlanetF1

Albon told Sky Sports that he and the Williams team are on a positive spiral, and that’s what he is focusing on. He believes the interest comes in the performance they put up as a team. Moreover, Albon mentioned there’s a bit of noise because of the season they had last year.

On top of that, Alex Albon added that he will just focus on the first few races of the calendar year to see how much progress the team has made. Hence, he is completely giving his mind to Williams and not to any outside noise. But who knows what lies in the future? And perhaps Albon might have a bit of better luck on his second stint with Red Bull.

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