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Red Bull is enjoying tremendous success in the current Formula One era. The level of domination that Christian Horner and his team have been enjoying is quite unprecedented. Since 2022, when the sport introduced the new era of ground effect regulations and cost cap rules, the Austrian outfit has won 42 races already. They have the most dominant driver as well as the most superior car. Moreover, in terms of performance and consistency, there is no other team that can catch up to the Milton Keynes outfit. However, the question is if this dominant team of the modern F1 era is on the brink of a downfall. Since the start of the current year, there have been rumors and news regarding a chaotic situation at the Red Bull camp.

It started with a female employee accusing Christian Horner of “Inappropriate behavior.” Later, Red Bull GmbH, the parent company, organized an internal investigation. The result of the investigation was the team principal was not found guilty, and the F1 team later fired the female employee. But more complaints about Horner kept coming up. Amid this chaos, Adrian Newey, the mastermind behind the superior Red Bull cars, have announced his departure from the Austrian outfit. However, RBR claims they have not got an official communication from the design chief regarding his departure yet.


Why Red Bull Is “Unaware” Of Adrian Newey’s Departure?

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Recently, Craig Slater of Sky Sports reported that Red Bull Racing mentioned that they are not aware of any official communication from Newey claiming that he wants to leave. Moreover, as per Slater, the contract of Adrian Newey should expire after the 2025 season. Adding to that, the contract suggests that Newey will have to serve 365 days of gardening leave after his contract expires. Hence, he won’t be able to join another F1 squad until 2027. But the fans wonder which team Newey would like to join in 2027. What if the next team the current Red Bull design chief joins is the Prancing Horse? 

In fact, in Newey’s book, the car designer has expressed his desire to work with Lewis Hamilton as well as Ferrari at some point in his life. That might come true next year. However, the gardening leave for a year might be a buzzkill for the “Red Devils.” But as per the Italian media, there have already been some transfer rumors circulating in the sport. According to Formula Passion, Adrian Newey and Ferrari are already in advanced stages of contract negotiations. He might play the role of technical supervisor and super consultant at Ferrari. 

How Far Horner Is Responsible For Making Newey Want To Leave RB?

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After the investigation started regarding Christian Horner’s misconduct, Jos Verstappen told the media that letting Horner continue as team principal is dangerous. The father of Max Verstappen mentioned that the F1 team boss will be responsible for “Tearing the team apart,” and things will just “explode.” This outburst to the media resulted in a domino effect of rumors surrounding the current three-time champion might swap Red Bull with Mercedes.

Max said, “My father is not a liar.” But Max Verstappen was also clear that he was loyal to Helmut Marko. And if Marko leaves, he will leave. Perhaps this chaos and the rumored “Power struggle” in Red Bull’s parent company made Adrian Newey change his mind about sticking with Horner and Red Bull. 

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