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Adrian Newey has been part of Red Bull since 2006. It has been a long association with one team for the genius car designer. He has been the mastermind behind the Austrian outfit’s success all these years. The Milton Keynes team became a powerhouse of the sport in 2010. During the time of Sebastian Vettel, the team went on to dominate the sport for four years in a row until regulations changed in 2014. With the introduction of the turbo-hybrid engines, Mercedes dethroned Christian Horner’s team in 2014 and enjoyed hegemony in the sport for eight years in a row.

However, when regulations changed again in 2022, Adrian Newey masterminded the development of the superior RB18 car. Since 2022, Red Bull has won 42 races so far, owing to the incredible cars designed by Newey. Last year, RB19 helped the Austrian outfit win 21 of 22 Grands Prix. This year, Newey’s designed car RB20 has already helped the team win four out of five races. Even when things are going so well and on track, Newey recently announced his departure. Lately, Helmut Marko shared his idea about why he thinks Newey decided to leave.


Why Helmut Marko Thinks Adrian Newey Decided To Leave Red Bull?

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The 80-year-old senior advisor of the Austrian outfit told Sky Germany that Adrian Newey must have “Burned out” after 20 years of service. Moreover, the chief technology officer of the Milton Keynes outfit is 65 years old at present. In the interview with Sky Germany, Helmut Marko said that it sure did came as a surprise when Newey said he was leaving the team. But the senior advisor stated that Red Bull will have to understand that Newey’s motivation is gone after two decades of service. Moreover, Marko said, “You have to accept if he kind of had a burned out feeling.” Adding to that, the Red Bull advisor acknowledged the incredible performance of Adrian Newey at RBR for so many years. Moreover, Marko said the team considered the incredible performance of Newey to come up with a mutually acceptable solution for his contract termination. 

Nevertheless, the senior advisor said mentioned that the departure of Adrian Newey is really painful. Moreover, Marko added that Newey is the best car designer in their sport and that he has a lot of respect for Newey as a human being. However, Helmut Marko believes that Red Bull has a composed technical team that should help them perform in the same level. Pierre Wache is leading the broad and composed technical team. Hence, the senior advisor doesn’t expect disappointment in terms of performance even when Newey’s gone. The design chief will leave Red Bull in the early quarter of the 2025 season.

The 80-Year-Old Advisor Fears Newey Might Join A Rival Team

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In his interview with Sky Germany, Helmut Marko said that he fears Newey will grow the hunger for F1 racing again after a certain period. Perhaps when he will decide to return again to F1, he won’t be available for Red Bull but for it’s rivals. That’s what Helmut Marko is afraid of. Adrian Newey decided to leave Red Bull early in 2025 because the team’s internal turmoil made him upset. 

Perhaps he might sign with Ferrari or Mercedes next whenever he decides to return. Newey said in his book that he has been wanting to work with Lewis Hamilton and at Ferrari for a long time. Perhaps that dream will come true in the following seasons for the design chief. 

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