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CHECKOUT: Positive Health Update On New York Yankees Captain Aaron Judge

The New York Yankees gave a lot of joy to their fans recently after landing Juan Soto for a year. It was really news that gave them a lot of hope for the next season. The 2023 season was a terrible one when the NY side failed to make the postseason and played horribly to finish with an 82-80 record. It was a tremendous shame for the fans and the organization. In 2022, Aaron Judge created history as he hit 62 home runs, the most for any center fielder in an MLB season.

It really can hurt any team when their only superstar hitter sustains a toe injury and misses most of the games in the season. That’s what happened with the Yankees and their captain. Albeit, Judge returned to the lineup later on in the 2023 season. But clearly, he was not in his 100% sound health. Later, the Yankees missed the postseason with one of the worst batting averages in the baseball league. Recently, MLB.com’s Bryan Hoch revealed that, as per Brian Cashman, Aaron Judge’s toe injury is behind him.


Yankees Provide A Great Update On Aaron Judge’s Toe Injury

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Yankees Aaron Judge Source: DraftKings Network

The Yankees’ general manager feels it’s a resolved issue. This update must be a big relief for the Yankees Nation. Moreover, the fans kind of expected this update to come any moment. Nevertheless, it is always great to hear or read about such good news. Moreover, the Yankees, who had been disappointing their fans in the last few seasons, gave back to back a couple of great news. Anyway, it would be a thrilling lineup for the Bronx Bombers to have Alex Verdugo, Aaron Judge, and Juan Soto in the outfield. With his toe injury, the Yankees captain missed two months of action.

It was just that serious, but now it seems the team is going in the right direction. Albeit, the addition of the 25-year-old superstar Juan Soto is the best thing the Yankees Nation could have hoped for this offseason. The health of the captain is equally important, if not more, for the NY side. In his big toe Aaron Judge tore a ligament last season and missed several games. At least, now the Yankees know they have a superstar in Soto to look up to if Judge misses a few more games again. 

The IL Really Was A Big Concern For The Bronx In 2023

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Anthony Rizzo Yankees Aaron Boone Source: Bleeding Yankee Blue

What would scare the NY fans more was the Bronx Bomber’s long Injured List. They lost so many games because key players were facing injury issues. For instance, their first baseman and three-time All-Star, Anthony Rizzo, could not play many games due to post-concussion syndrome. Later, the young, talented outfielder Jasson Dominguez stayed out with an injury. He will stay out for the most part of the next season as well.

Dominguez won’t return to the lineup until he undergoes Tommy John surgery. Hence, it is quite clear that luck didn’t help the Yankees at all last season. The hits kept on coming in the form of injured experienced players as well as young players. But what hurt the Yankees the most was the absence of the captain Aaron Judge. Clearly, the team is highly dependent on the captain.