Jos And Max Verstappen
Jos And Max Verstappen Source: Eurosport

Max Verstappen and Christian Horner have been an incredible duo for Red Bull over the years. Horner had a more or less similar chemistry with Sebastian Vettel in the past. Both drivers have won multiple championships with the Austrian outfit. Clearly, they have a great relationship with the recent CBE British Award winner. But in the case of Max, there have been two other special personalities who had a great impact. It is his father, Jos Verstappen, and the Red Bull advisor, Helmut Marko. Jos was a former Motorsport driver, and in his time, he was the best Dutch driver in Formula One. He raced over 100 GPs in his time.

On the other hand, Max Verstappen’s mother was also a very popular racer. Hence, the current champion grew up in this whole racing background. Clearly, he would make his F1 debut at one point in time. But what he has been able to achieve would not have been possible without Helmut Marko noticing him and bringing him to Red Bull. He started F1 racing for Torro Rosso. But in the meantime, he got his seat on the main team. However, Peter Windsor believes it is the Red Bull team principal to whom Max Verstappen owes his career. 


Why Windsor Credits Horner For Max Verstappen’s Career?

Red Bull Max Verstappen Christian Horner
Red Bull Max Verstappen Christian Horner Source: PlanetF1

In a recent Peter Windsor’s YouTube video, the F1 pundit said Horner deserves credit for how Max Verstappen’s journey has turned out in recent times. Windsor said the Dutch driver would not have the career he has without Horner constantly backing him. Everybody knows how straightforward Max Verstappen can be about his opinions. Other team bosses would ask the drivers to control themselves for the PR stuff and so on. However, Christian Horner has never put that pressure on the Dutch driver. In fact, in 2016, the race director from FIA, Charlie Whiting cautioned Max Verstappen for his on track behavior.

The Red Bull boss replied that the question of protecting Max would be on the basis of the justification of the criticism. There has been no warranty in 99% of times as per Horner. Moreover, the Red Bull boss feels it is essential to overlook such criticism and concentrate on the job at hand. Similar cases have happened over the years. That’s why Windsor credits the British leader for helping Red Bull become the most dominant team on the grid. Moreover, the F1 journalist points out Horner’s remarkable clarity in seeing Red Bull become a formidable team in the sport.

Max Verstappen And Christian Horner Have Been A Formidable Driver-Boss Duo

Red Bull Adrian Newey Max Verstappen Christian Horner
Red Bull Adrian Newey Max Verstappen Christian Horner Source: Sustain Health Magazine

The Red Bull’s boss and driver duo has been the main key to the team’s incredible success over the years. Since 2021, Max Verstappen has brought Red Bull back to the top of the F1 Motorsport. He has won three titles in a row. Christian Horner and Adrian Newey have been constant factors for the team’s incredible success.

If it was not for the incredible RB18 and RB19 cars, the Austrian outfit would never go on to win 17 races in 2022 and 21 GPs last year. Moreover, Max Verstappen has been the most capable driver to steer the fastest car to glory again and again. He broke the record for most wins in a season for an F1 driver in back-to-back seasons.