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Cody Bellinger, known for his powerful bat, defensive prowess, and versatility in the outfield, had been a key figure for the Chicago Cubs in 2023. However, recent rumours have suggested that the New York Yankees are exploring the possibility of bringing Bellinger to the Bronx to bolster the team’s offensive production.

The New York Yankees remain in desperate need of a left-handed batter who could field in the outfield. Cody Bellinger fits the criteria perfectly. But will he be able to thrive in the Bronx? It remains a burning question. Ahead of free agency, former Cubs manager David Ross opened up on Bellinger’s speciality and weighed thoughts on the outfielder’s alleged move to the Bronx.


Cody Bellinger’s Versatilely And Left Field Dominance Makes Him An Ideal Fit In Bronx, Says David Ross!

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David Ross, who worked with Cody Bellinger in 2023, shared insights on the latter’s resurgence in 2023. Ross feels Cody has always been a great representative of the game. His passion for the sport and hunger to come out better with every at-bat makes him a special talent. In 2023, Cody’s complete gameplay stood out for Ross. He further added that Bellinger was hitting like a maniac at one point in the season. He smacked the ball into left field consistently like a child’s play. Moreover, the outfielder thrived in defence as well. David Ross also pointed out how Cody has successfully juggled first base and outfield over the years. The versatility is rare in this day and age.

Meanwhile, speaking about Cody Bellinger’s alleged move to the Bronx, Ross said nobody from the organization has yet reached out to him for an opinion. But if they do in the future, he would only have good things to say. The man is low maintenance and an absolute team player. No matter where he goes, Cody will prove to be an asset. Well, the Yanks are excited to make a hard push for Bellinger. He has been on the team’s radar for a while now, but due to the Cubs’ team control, the Bombers couldn’t execute their plans. Regardless, with the outfielder hitting free agency in 2024, the Yanks’ way has been paved to accomplish the dream pursuit. Overall, the potential exchange should be an interesting one for the fans.

Yankees Emerge Top Suitor For Juan Soto In Latest Rumors!

Juan Soto
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Eyeing the current financial situation, trading Juan Soto should be the ideal solution for the San Diego Padres, says MLB insider Jeff Passan. Jeff further linked the New York Yankees, Seattle Mariners and Chicago Cubs as top suitors. However, the Mariners and Cubs are willing to match Padres’ steep price. Apparently, the Padres want top pitchers in exchange for Soto.

With the Cubs and Mariner backing out of the pursuit, the Yankees emerge as the only strong suitor to land Juan Soto. They have a pool of potent pitchers to lure Padres. Now, the only challenge is to convince Padres GM AJ Preller to trade Soto this off-season itself. Currently, Preller is of the opinion that the outfielder should be held on until the trade deadline. Changing that opinion holds the key to the Yanks’ dream Juan Soto pursuit.