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Juan Soto Yankees Source: MLB.com

Juan Soto has been the biggest addition to the New York Yankees in the offseason. The NY side really needed a big boost in their outfield and the offense. It was terrible what happened last year for the Bronx Bombers. They have not been able to make the postseason for the first time since 2016. Moreover, they finished with an awful 82-80 record. As a result, they finished fourth in the American League East division. The NY side had their worst season in the last 30 years. Hence, the 27-time World Series champions have been looking for redemption in 2024.

Their biggest hope has been the health of Aaron Judge all these years. But the fans know how injury-prone the Yankees captain is. Hence, they had been asking for a backup for the AL 2022 MVP. Now, who can be a better backup for Judge than the Dominican superstar? Juan Soto is arguably the best hitter in baseball. After adding the Dominican slugger to the roster, the Yankees look like a proper contender for the World Series this time. Moreover, they can be a threat to the Baltimore Orioles to win the AL East.


Orioles Catcher Called Juan Soto “One Of The Best”

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Adley Rutschman is optimistic about the Oriole’s chances to dominate the American League East again this year. In 2023, the Orioles had the best season in their franchise history. The men in orange went on to win 101 games in the regular season. On the other hand, last year, the Yankees managed only 82 wins. But this year will be different, and Adley knows it. Recently, in an interview with Sportskeeda, Rutschman mentioned Juan Soto is a game changer. The Orioles catcher added that they saw Soto with the San Diego Padres last year and the year before that. Rutschman believes the Dominican superstar has a great eye, and he truly is a great slugger.

Moreover, the Orioles catcher mentioned, “Soto is one of the best.” Anyhow, Adley believes in his team’s strength. He proceeded to say that they have to show up and compete against everyone. On top of that, the Orioles catcher gave a hint about his team’s goals for 2024. Adley said every year the team aims to win the World Series. But as long as the team does not win the last game of the year, that becomes the standard and that’s the goal. Anyhow, Adley seemed optimistic after what the Orioles were able to achieve last year. 

Rutschman Reflected On The 2023 Season

Adley Rutschman Orioles
Adley Rutschman Orioles Source: Bleacher Report

Adley told Sportskeeda that the Orioles can look back to the last season with a lot of pride. He is proud of the way his team went about stuff in 2023. But Adley also pointed out their goals and aspirations for the new season. They are trying to win the World Series.

Rutshman said the team believes they have a talented group. Hence, the Orioles want to end up winning. Moreover, Adley said the team is motivated a lot. That’s what helps them work so hard as they are doing. It is because of the goal they have in mind. Finally, Adley said nobody can reach their goal by “Just hoping on it.” 

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