Tanner Tully Yankees
Tanner Tully Yankees Source: Minor League Baseball

The New York Yankees did not expect to come to this point this winter. Previously, the Bronx Bombers had a pretty good deep bullpen. But what bothered them the most was the lack of star hitters in their rotation. That’s the reason why they went in search of superstar outfielders this offseason. To sign Soto, Trent Grisham, and Alex Verdugo, the Bronx Bombers had to sacrifice a lot of pitchers. Moreover, the initial plan was obviously to land the Japanese superstar Yoshinobu Yamamoto. However, things didn’t pan out as they hoped.

In the end, the Japanese ace pitcher signed with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Moreover, the failure to land the Japanese sensation made the front office still looking for a starting pitcher. There are still quite a few options for a starter who can play alongside Gerrit Cole. Other than a starter, the NY side must feel a sudden lack of depth in their bullpen. That’s why the Yankees recently reunited with a lefty hurler.


Yankees Brought Back Tanner Tully To Bolster Their Bullpen’s Depth

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The NY side is looking ways to increase depth in their pitching department. They had pretty good depth in the last season. But things are different now. Hence, not only landing a starting pitcher would be satisfying but also some more minor league additions. According to Baseball America, on Wednesday, the Bronx Bombers signed Tanner Tully for a minor league deal yet again. There’s no confirmation yet regarding whether an invitation is around the corner for Tully to join the spring training camp of the major league. For a second year in a row, the Yankees signed Tully on a minor league deal. In the previous season, Tully had started in 19 games at the Triple-A level.

He posted a 5.64 ERA. In August, the Yankees released the lefty pitcher. Later, Tully joined the KBO, finishing the year with a 2.92 ERA after 11 starts. People generally see him as a groundball pitcher. But Tully is not famous for striking out a lot of hitters. In 2022, Tully gained his first major league experience with the Cleveland Guardians and pitched for only six innings. The 29-year-old pitcher will likely spend most of the year at Triple-A level for the NY side. But he’s there as a depth for the Yankees, as they might use him in the big league whenever they might need him.

In The Process Of Getting The Desired Outfielders, The Pinstripes Let Several Pitchers Go

Michael King Yankees
Michael King Yankees Source: MLB.com

Moreover, the Yankees needed a lefty slugger, as the Yankee Stadium is the ideal ballpark for left-handed hitters. They had quite a few names in mind, like Juan Soto, Cody Bellinger, and a few more. But in the end, they got the best of these options. However, the Dominican superstar will don the Pinstripes jersey for a year. There is a high possibility that other teams might grab him for a long-term deal in the free agency this year.

However, the Yankees were looking for redemption this year. Last year was horrible, as they failed to make the postseason. Moreover, they had a very weak offense. Anyway, Juan Soto and some new entries in the outfield solve that issue. However, what the Yankees didn’t expect was facing the current worsening pitching situation.