Aaron Judge
Credit: NY Post

As the New York Yankees crashed out of the playoff race, captain Aaron Judge came out with all guns blazing. The slugger wasn’t in an ideal mood as he stepped up to address the press following a 7-1 loss to the Arizona Diamondbacks. Judge was brutally honest and candid while reviewing the subpar 2023 MLB season.

Aaron Judge labeled the season an utter “failure,” as he thinks anything less than a championship should be considered a failure. He later stressed the need for major organizational and roster changes. The captain dropped hints on incoming changes while confirming his potential input. Not only that, even the Yankee teammates resonated with Judge’s assessment as they shared their views on the season.


Yankees Skipper Backs Aaron Judge’s 2023 “Failed” Season Comments!

New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone speaks to reporters before a baseball game against the Los Angeles Angels in Anaheim, Calif., Wednesday, July 19, 2023. Ashley Landis – staff, ASSOCIATED PRESS

New York Yankees captain Aaron Judge shook up the internet with bold statements after the team fell out of playoff contention. In a press conference, the slugger called for major changes. He said that a lot of things lying around need to be changed. From roster to minor league stuff to front office, everybody collectively needs to come together with their input. Judge further added that he had some ideas regarding those reforms but refused to share the details. Meanwhile, the captain’s Yankee ally, skipper Aaron Boone, resonated with the former’s sentiments. He says that the slugger is their captain, and thus, he is always listening to anything he wants to say.

Aaron Judge is experienced and knows the sport and the franchise alike in and out. Hence, the skipper-captain duo talk a lot about things that are wrong within the clubhouse on a daily basis. However, Boone, too, refused to share any details of their alleged off-season plan. Having said that, Boone held the entire staff and team accountable for the downfall as he believed that the expectations were always high when it came to the Yankees. The team is always expected to make it to the playoffs. Thus, the unit will need to self-introspect and ask some tough questions to figure out the solutions. “It’s been a struggle all year, whether it’s keeping guys healthy, getting guys back or down performances,” added the skipper.

Anthony Rizzo Stands By Aaron Judge’s Brutal Season Assessment!

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Apart from Aaron Boone, first baseman Anthony Rizzo also stood by his captain. He said that Aaron Judge knew the workings of the organization more than anyone. “With Aaron, he’s our guy. When he says things, it comes from the heart. He puts a lot of thought into things,” added Rizzo. Not only that, the infielder blamed the players for the fallout.

He says that a lot of people, inducing their own self, failed to channel their capabilities. It’s a collective failure of the entire roster, and the blame should fall on their shoulders. While there exist many narratives, the bottom line is that the players who were supposed to step up didn’t, which led to the whole fiasco. Anthony Rizzo also remained very critical of his own self as he failed to step up as a leader.