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The Golden State Warriors had a pretty rough season so far. Moreover, the top players have let the team down really. The back-to-back suspensions of Draymond Green were not a good way to start the season. In the absence of Green, the Dub Nation pinned their hopes on the Splash Brothers. Moreover, fans know if Steph Curry is in the best form of his life, then the GSW can win from any position. However, Steph proved that he is nowhere near his best touch. In fact, the best shooter in the league has had a number of low-scoring games this regular season already. Moreover, Klay Thompson had an even more rough season in terms of consistency.

In the first few games, he was just not able to score from beyond the arc, really. The team had to rely on the bench players more than these veteran stars. After 38 games in the current regular season, the Warriors are the 12th seed in the Western Conference. They are 18-20 at present. Even Curry knows that the team can’t go on like this. Before the trade deadline, the Warriors might trade a few players. Among the names the Dubs would like to trade, Andrew Wiggins is near the top of the chart. But an NBA insider said Wiggin’s trade value is at its lowest at the moment.


How Low Can The Trade Value Of Andrew Wiggins Be?

Andrew Wiggins Warriors
Andrew Wiggins Warriors Source: Complex

The small forward is having his career-worst NBA season, and it is not helping his value get any better. Moreover, Marc J Spears recently said on NBA Today of ESPN that Wiggin’s value is not a lot at present. Recently, a GM told Spears that there is no value for Andrew Wiggins at the moment. But the Golden State Warriors have other potential options. They can package Jonathan Kuminga and Wiggins together for a package deal. Moreover, the Warriors can package together Chris Paul and Jonathan Kuminga for a trade deal.

Clearly, it has been the lowest point for the Dubs dynasty. However, the 2019-20 lost season was pretty low as well. They had a lot of injury issues that year. Anyhow, Andrew Wiggins has been their second most productive player in the 2022 championship campaign. However, since the last season, Wiggins’ production has dropped significantly on both ends of the floor. Hence, the Warriors must make a tough choice. 

Why Warriors Look Like They Have Reached The End Of Their Dynastic Rule?

Joe Lacob Stephen Curry Warriors
Joe Lacob Warriors Stephen Curry Source: Marca.com

But the dynasty that started in the mid-2010s is looking like it is on the verge of a collapse. Otherwise, why is nothing going their way in the ongoing season? Things were supposed to be different. As the tripod is not getting any younger, they are desperately looking for redemption.

The Dubs wanted to win five titles in ten years, like most other NBA dynasties in the past. Moreover, Steph Curry said earlier that he still has what it takes to win a couple more titles, making it six championships in his incredible resume. But the way things stand, the Warriors really need to turn things around ahead of this February 8 trade deadline.