For Mercedes, the ship of the 2023 Formula One season has already sailed as they shift focus to 2024. Apparently, James Allison, the newly appointed technical director, has completely stopped working on the W14 as he wants the W15 ready in time for the 2024 season. Even Lewis Hamilton recently paid a visit to the team’s factory in Brackley to oversee the development.

Mercedes, who were badly affected by the 2021 regulations changes, are looking at another set of regulation changes that will be enforced during the 2026 F1 season. The FIA regularly revises technical and sporting regulations to keep Formula One exciting, competitive, and environmentally conscious. With that in mind, James Allison revealed how the Silver Arrows are approaching the coming season.


Mercedes Playing Long Game With 2026 Regulation Change In Mind!

James Allison

The 2026 regulation change is expected to introduce a new era of Formula One, focusing on sustainability, cleaner fuels, and more balanced competition. It presents teams with an unusual set of challenges and opportunities. For Mercedes, the scheduled regulation change holds utmost importance. They lost their dominance the last time the rules were tweaked in 2021. But this time, the Silver Arrows will try to use it to their advantage. Meanwhile, James Allison, the team’s chief technical director, recently revealed the team’s approach for the W15. He says the Brackley-based team will play the long game, keeping the 2026 rule change in mind.

“It’s highly likely that the 2025 cars can be close cousins of the 2024 cars. So doubly important to get the 2024 car good,” said James Allison. He feels that getting the 2024 car concept right will remain the key to success for any team, let alone the Mercedes. Additionally, it’s important to get the concept right. Allison also believes it’s easier to generate performance from a newly conceptually designed, and that’s exactly what their aim would be going into 2024. Having said that, the Silver Arrows are confident of getting the concept right next year as they have been able to figure out the problems with timely feedback from drivers. Earlier, Allison confirmed that the W15 would be a brand-new car, nothing previously seen. Let’s hope the team unlocks the formula of regaining the lost competitiveness soon.

James Allison Address Silver Arrows’ Austin Upgrade Package Expectations!

Credit: XPB Images/PA Images

As it stands, Mercedes will bring in a new upgrade package for the upcoming race weekend in Austin, USA. The package will have a new floor attached to the W14. Further revealing details of the upgrade, the team’s technical director, James Allison, said that the new floor would give a better lap time and is meant for better understanding.

Allison once again clarified that the upgrade is not meant for performance enhancement. He reckoned that the lap time gain would be marginally small and wouldn’t help them edge past Max Verstappen. Regardless, even the small gain could prove useful to Mercedes in terms of understanding the behavior of the car. It sets the stage for the Silver Arrows to get things right in 2024.