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CHECKOUT: Mercedes Has This Unique Feature On Its Front Suspension This Time

Mercedes struggled because of their car ever since the cost cap era started. They lost their grip on the title. Things have not gone their way since 2022. In 2021, when Max Verstappen broke the streak of Lewis Hamilton, winning that year’s Driver’s championship, marked the turning point in the sport. Since 2022, the Dutch driver and his Austrian team have never looked back. They have been winning the constructor and driver’s titles in dominating fashion. Even before there have been teams who dominated the grid. But there had been no team who dominated the grid like Red Bull in the past couple of years.

In 2022, they won 17 races. Max Verstappen alone won 15 GPs that year. Last year, the Dutchman won an unbelievable 19 races. Moreover, Red Bull won 21 overall GPs. Even this year, the Austrian team looks stronger than the rest. Clearly, the reason for their dominance is the superior car. On the other hand, Mercedes struggled with W13 and W14 in the last two seasons. They only managed to win one solitary race that came in 2022. Last year, the Silver Arrows remained winless. However, this year, Mercedes may have done a better job with their car. The design looks unique, especially the front suspension. 


Mercedes W15 Car Has A Novel That They Can Tune From Track To Track

Mercedes W15
Mercedes W15 Source: RacingNews365

Ever since Mercedes launched their 2024 challenger, they have been at the center of the media attention. The new car looks different with its sidepod design as well as front wing. However, they did not have a great Opening Grand Prix in Bahrain. However, Lewis Hamilton surprised many people when he topped the timesheet during FP2. But Mercedes could not repeat that in the qualifying session and then again on the final race day. Anyhow, the W15 car design is still making a lot of noise. Albeit it has not proved yet if it makes the car faster than Red Bull. But lately, technical contributors of Formula 1 noticed a novel built-in adjustment of the front suspension of Mercedes W15.

Moreover, contributors, Giorgio Piola and Mark Hughes pointed out a big panel on the chassis. It is around the rearward upper wishbone where that attaches. Moreover, that’s the giveaway which proves the amount of anti-dive in the geometry of the suspension. This feature allows the suspension to change quite radically. On the last day of pre-season testing, Mercedes confirmed the feature when they raced with the wishbone in a much lower position. As a result, it was a huge boost for the anti-dive.

Can The Silver Arrows Win Some Races With Their New Front Suspension Feature?

Lewis Hamilton

Mercedes will look to challenge Red Bull if they can gain a lot of pace with their new car design. Moreover, the German team did not have the wishbone in a much lower position like they had it on the final day of pre-season testing. For the Opening race weekend in Bahrain, Mercedes had it back in the conventional position.

Nevertheless, the conventional spot gives the front suspension a huge impact on the angle of the anti-dive. As a result, they might be able to change it from circuit to circuit. Now, will that help them break the deadlock of GP wins for Mercedes? Only time can tell.

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