Jos And Max Verstappen
Jos And Max Verstappen Source: PlanetF1

Red Bull ace Max Verstappen has been literally dominating the F1 grid in recent times. He is on his way to win his third title in a row and has broken multiple records in the last two and a half years. The Dutchman has won 37 races over the previous two and a half years. Last year, the Red Bull star broke the most wins in a season record of Sebastian Vettel and Michael Schumacher, which was previously 13. Now it is 15, as Max won as many races last year.

But as it looks, Max Verstappen can surely break his own record this year as he already won 12 in 15 races. However, the Red Bull star could not maintain his winning streak in Singapore last Sunday. But Jos Verstappen, the father of Max Verstappen, gave a stern reply to those comments celebrating Max’s loss in Marina Bay.


Max Verstappen’s Father Jos, Believes His Son Doesn’t Have Any Prerogative To Make The Sport More Interesting

Jos And Max Verstappen
Jos And Max Verstappen Source: Eurosport

Recently, in an interview, Jos mentioned it is not his son’s prerogative to make the sport more fun or competitive for the fans. Most of all, Senior Verstappen believes his son can’t slow down and put less energy into any race. Every time, Max must give his 100% to every race, his father believes. Later, Jos Verstappen mentioned that it is nothing but bulls**t when people claim that RB19 suits Max more than Checo. Jos said that his son has a knack for adapting to a car, and he does that faster than some. However, the car might be more to the liking of Max Verstappen.

Jos Verstappen further acknowledged that’s just the way it is. Apparently, all eyes are on Max Verstappen after a dreary race in Singapore. The championship leader must be looking forward to stamping his authority again in the next Grand Prix in Japan. Last year, Max had a great victory in the Japanese GP. He would like to repeat that same result. Moreover, if he wins in Japan, it might give a conclusive result to the championship, as Red Bull will win it twice in a row. On top of that, Max will win it thrice in a row. 

Fans Were Happy To See Ferrari And Sainz On Top Of The Podium For A Change

Carlos Sainz Jr. Ferrari Max Verstappen Red Bull
Carlos Sainz Jr. Ferrari Max Verstappen Red Bull Source: FirstSportz

It came as a shock for some and a surprise for plenty of F1 fans. Moreover, many fans blamed Red Bull and Verstappen for making the sport look boring as they won every race except the last one this season. The Austrian team had a 15-race winning streak stretching back to the previous season. As things stand, Red Bull should easily claim the title in the next couple of races. However, fans celebrated the absence of Red Bull and their star driver from the podium on social media.

They were happy to see Ferrari and Carlos Sainz Jr. clinch a win in Singapore. Moreover, the Italian team has been showing progress in the last few races. Fans have been cheering more nowadays for the rivals of Red Bull, like Ferrari and Mercedes, along with McLaren and Aston Martin. The latter two teams have shown remarkable progress this season.