Max Verstappen Gianpiero Lambiase Red Bull
Max Verstappen Gianpiero Lambiase Red Bull Source: PlanetF1

Red Bull ace Max Verstappen is not familiar with coming second at any race in the recent past. He has won eight Grands Prix in a row, and that says something about an F1 driver and his hegemony on the grid. There have been great drivers in the past and present who dominated the grid for a certain period of time because they got to drive the fastest car. But not many drivers dominated each and every season of their dominant period like Max is doing at present. And the question arises: will the summer break cause a loss of momentum for the Milton Keynes team?

It is highly unlikely, but teams like Mercedes, McLaren, Aston Martin, and Ferrari are waiting for the chance to beat Max and Red Bull. Apparently, McLaren’s car is showing vast improvement since they copied the side pod design of Red Bull’s RB19. Lando Norris was able to beat Lewis Hamilton on a number of occasions lately. Yesterday only, Norris was able to beat Max at the FP2 session in the Dutch GP. And now, Verstappen believes there is a problem with RB19’s balance and needs it to get rectified as soon as possible.


Max Verstappen Wants His Team To Fix The Balance Issue Right Away

Max Verstappen Red Bull
Max Verstappen Red Bull Source: The SportsRush

Just before the summer break, the McLaren driver was even close to beating Max Verstappen in Silverstone. He was only 3.7 seconds slower than the Red Bull driver. It was the closest any driver came to Max this season. However, recently, in FP2 for the Dutch Grand Prix, Lando Norris was able to beat Verstappen. The former was only 0.023 seconds faster than the latter. Keeping in view the situation, Max Verstappen clearly announced that there was a problem with the balance in the car, and he wanted his team to check on that. Even though he topped during FP1 at Zandvoort, the FP2 result is not making the current double-time champion happy. Hence, the Red Bull star wants an immediate improvement in the balance before the final race day.

Recently, Max Verstappen told the media that he wants his team to push for perfection every time. However, it was an excellent day at his home track for him. He feels the FP2 was a bit trickier, and his team tried some new things on the car. Verstappen revealed that it was difficult to do a lap free of trouble because there were cars always. There were a few corners where Max did not feel good with the balance of RB19, especially in Turn three. But the current champion feels there is still a lot of potential in the car to dominate the day. All they need is a bit more improvement.                   

So Many Records To Break For The Dutchman

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen Source: PlanetF1

The Dutchman has won 35 races in the last three years. Albeit, there are ten more races to go in the current ongoing season. Verstappen might go on to win all of them. In the process, then, he will break several records. The closest record that Max can break is the most consecutive race wins. Former Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel holds the record with nine wins in a row.

Can Max Verstappen equalize Vettel and Ascari’s record in the Dutch Grand Prix? In Motorsport, only the driver can’t win a race as the car is equally or even more essential. In the case of Max Verstappen, the good news is Red Bull has got the fastest car that he is using to its fullest. Moreover, the Austrian team has won all the races so far before the summer break.