Max Verstappen

Reigning Formula One champion Max Verstappen is currently rewriting the history of the motorsport with Red Bull Racing. He won three consecutive drivers titles, and with the kind of machinery he is equipped with, the Dutch driver can go on to dominate F1 for at least the next couple of years.

Having said that, Max Verstappen, who is signed through 2028 with Red Bull, fears detachment from the sport owing to constant format changes. When the sprint format was tweaked earlier this year, Max even threatened premature retirement. Amid ongoing speculations, Verstappen revealed his future plans with respect to his successful Formula One career.


Max Verstappen Disapproves Of Unwanted Glamour Attached To F1!

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen lost victory to a late puncture on Sunday. Getty/Clive Rose

At just 25, Max Verstappen holds three championship titles. He debuted in F1 at the tender age of 17 and seems set on a path to achieve greatness. However, the evolving structure of the sport has already started to bore Verstappen. Max has remained an avid supporter of drivers’ workload management. He feels the yearly extension of the calendar, coupled with changes in sprint format, just adds to the burden. The Dutchman even threatened forced retirement while ridiculing FIA’s move to expand the sprint format earlier this year. Amid raging speculations, Verstappen once again addressed his future plans. In an interview with TIME, Verstappen says that representation of actual sport should always come first instead of the unwanted and glamorous show.

Max Verstappen further elaborated that his current quality of life is not up to the standards. He feels he is in the midst of a constant hustle and living out of a bag. The excessive travels and hotel stays is sucking his soul. But at this stage of his life, the Dutchman does not mind the hustle since he loves to drive and win. But as he grows older, there will come a point wherein he would outweigh the F1 success to general quality of life. Having a quality and peaceful life matters a lot to Verstappen. And that will eventually play a key role in the Dutch driver’s retirement decisions. To those unversed, Max is signed through 2028 and remains committed to adhering to the existing contract. A decision of extension will be taken by Verstappen as and when he deems it necessary.

Verstappen Opens Up On Equalling Lewis Hamilton, Michael Schumacher’s Championship Record!

Max Verstappen

With three titles in the bag at the age of 25, Max Verstappen stands a real chance to potentially surpass Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher’s seven-championship record. While it sounds astounding, Verstappen couldn’t care less. He says that while he would like to win seven titles if given a chance, it’s not his end goal.

Even if the Dutchman fails to surpass the magical figure, he wouldn’t feel that he missed out on a great opportunity. Verstappen added that he is extremely proud of what he has achieved so far. And to him, there exist greater things in life than Formula One. Well, it seems Max is outgrowing the sport as and when he is aging. At any point, it can lead to a complete detachment. That is something Red Bull must stay wary of.