Max Verstappen At Podium in Austin GP 2023

Divya Tiwari

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Meet Max Verstappen, the Dutch racing sensation. He recently celebrated his 50th Formula 1 victory at the United States Grand Prix in Austin. But his win wasn’t without some unexpected reactions from the crowd. Despite the cheers for his success, some people in the audience voiced their discontent with boos and chants. This raised questions about how Max handled it all. In this article, we’ll delve into Verstappen’s response to the mixed reception and what lies ahead for him as he gears up for the upcoming race in Mexico.

Verstappen Unfazed Despite Fans’ Negative Response In Austin

Max Verstappen displayed his composure as he remained calm when faced with an unexpected chorus of boos from the crowd. This happened as he stood on the top step of the podium in Austin shortly after winning the US Grand Prix. The negative chants were directed at the newly crowned champion. Amidst this, the crowd shouted, ‘Checo, Checo.’ However, true to his character, Verstappen remained undeterred.

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It’s worth noting that the US Grand Prix attracts many Mexican fans. This is because of its proximity to the border and the presence of a Mexican driver, Sergio ‘Checo’ Perez. During an interview with Viaplay, the Dutch F1 rights holder later asked Verstappen about the audience’s reaction. His response was strong, as he brushed off the booing with a confident smile, saying, “No. In the end, it’s me who takes the trophy home.”

What’s in Store for Verstappen in Mexico?

Max Verstappen’s unwavering attitude in the face of challenges might face another test. This upcoming challenge awaits him at the Hermanos Rodriguez circuit in Mexico. The Mexican Grand Prix promises to be an exciting event, with various incidents and statements that have not gone unnoticed. One particular source of disagreement has been the performance of Max’s teammate, Sergio ‘Checo’ Perez, which has drawn international criticism. However, in Mexico, Perez enjoys strong support and passionate defense from his home crowd.

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In another interview, Verstappen was asked about the potential reception in Mexico City, where his welcome may be less than friendly. With his characteristic sense of humor and determination, he replied, “Then I’ll go home with the trophy. It’ll be fine.” Verstappen’s single-minded focus on victory in Mexico is evident. He has no intention of giving up the limelight to Perez on his home turf.

Horner’s Take on the Boos

Christian Horner, the head of Red Bull Racing, had a practical view of the reception Max Verstappen received in Austin. He described the boos as something that doesn’t bother Verstappen and acknowledged that the atmosphere might be challenging in Mexico for the Dutch driver. He also pointed out how the nature of fandom in Formula 1 can change, with a driver transitioning from being disliked to being celebrated within a year.

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Max Verstappen’s victory in Austin marked a significant achievement in his career, but it came with its share of critics. Nevertheless, Verstappen remains determined and unshaken in his pursuit of success, focusing on his upcoming challenge in Mexico with unwavering determination.