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In the Las Vegas Grand Prix, Max Verstappen and George Russell had some trouble, even after the race ended. They both got time penalties and points on their racing licenses. These penalties could affect how well they do in future races. Each driver can only get a certain number of points before they might have to miss a race. The clash in Las Vegas is not the first time they’ve had problems. Let’s go back to see where the tension started and how it led to this dramatic moment in the city of lights.

Penalty Points And Time Penalties For Russell & Verstappen in Las Vegas GP

In a surprising twist, Verstappen and Russell both received a five-second time penalty. Additionally, race officials assigned two penalty points to each driver on their super licenses. Verstappen received a penalty for forcing Charles Leclerc off track at the start. Russell faced consequences due to a collision with Verstappen later in the race. These penalties impacted their race positions. Additionally, they added crucial points to their super licenses, bringing them closer to the suspension threshold. Drivers can accumulate a maximum of 11 penalty points on their super licenses within a rolling one-year period. Sao Paulo cleared Verstappen’s slate, while Russell now holds four points, bringing both closer to the limit.

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Verstappen, initially unhappy with the decision, admitted that the penalty was likely the right call after reviewing the incident. Russell, on the other hand, took responsibility for the collision, acknowledging that it was his fault. Both drivers, recognized for their competitive spirit, faced the consequences of their actions. The race, which could have put them on the podium, took a different turn. In a surprising turn, Verstappen’s post-race comments took on a more composed tone. He attributed Russell’s actions to a lack of visibility rather than intentional recklessness. This departure from Verstappen’s usual fiery demeanour marked a shift in the narrative surrounding their clash.

The Roots of Animosity: Baku Grand Prix Flashback

To truly understand the intense dynamics between Verstappen and Russell, one must rewind to the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in Baku. The seeds of animosity were sown during an intense battle in the opening lap of the Sprint Race. A collision between the two drivers led to a heated exchange of words, with Verstappen referring to Russell as a “Di**head.”

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F1/Max Verstappen and George Russell

The clash in Baku set the stage for the Las Vegas Grand Prix collision, adding another chapter to the ongoing rivalry between the two drivers. In the neon-lit city of Las Vegas, where fortunes are made and lost, the Grand Prix delivered a spectacle that Formula 1 fans won’t soon forget. As the dust settles on the Las Vegas Grand Prix, the penalties and points incurred by Max Verstappen and George Russell loom large. The clash in the city of lights adds another layer to their ongoing rivalry, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the next chapter in the Verstappen-Russell saga.